Prince George will wear a sword and guard king at coronation

One day – hopefully many years from now – the world will be celebrating the coronation of a new King George. Meanwhile, the young Prince George of Wales is only 9 and the coronation of his grandfather Charles III will be his introduction to the family business.

George will have a key role as “Page of Honour” to the King, becoming the youngest future king to play an official role at a coronation.

While the Page is a ceremonial role it also has an important job; ensuring that King Charles doesn’t trip over his long robes as he walks down the aisle at Westminster Cathedral.

George will be the youngest of four pages. The three others, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, 13, Nicholas Barclay, 13 and Ralph Tollemache, 12, are all the children and grandchildren of Charles’s friends.

They will wear a scarlet frock coat with gold trimmings, a white satin waistcoat, white breeches, white gloves, a lace cravat and a feathered three-cornered hat. They will also each wear a small sword to protect the King.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince George, Prince William
Prince George is said to be close to his grandfather, King Charles, and was on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in June 2023 as the family celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne.
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Queen Elizabeth and Pages of Honour
Prince George’s role will be to carry an edge of his grandfather King Charles’ robe to make sure the king does not stumble – while wearing a sword in case of attackers.

Prince William and his wife Kate are said to have had many conversations both among themselves and with George about whether he wanted to be, and felt ready, to take such a place in the spotlight but the youngster is said to have readily agreed.

“There’s a difficult balance to be struck between preparing younger royals for their lifetime and service and duty and maintaining their privacy so that they can grow up as peacefully as possible,” says royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti.

“When you are born to be a future king, your life is bound to be different from most people’s but that’s one reason why William and Catherine have been so keen to give their children at least a hint of normality in their childhood. To be a good monarch, you might do well to have a sense of what life is like for everyone else, at least growing up.

Prince George at Easter service at Windsor
Prince George will have a much more demanding role at the Coronation than simply attending the ceremony — as he did at Windsor for Easter Sunday.

Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Princess Kate, Prince Louis
Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, will not have a formal role like their older brother but when the King and Queen leave Westminster Abbey, they will be in the procession behind them — while Prince George will help hold his grandfather’s robe.
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“The coronation is a great opportunity for Prince George to start more serious ceremonial duties, although he is still very young and we can only hope he will not be too heavily scrutinized for his role.

“It will be touching and deeply symbolic to see King Charles, along with his son and grandson involved in the ceremony. That sense of continuity is one of the hallmarks of the monarchy; seeing those three generations not only present but taking part will be striking.”

Queen Elizabeth with her Maids of Honour
Queen Elizabeth did not have pages of honour to attend her gown, as a queen she had maids of honour.
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King George VI with his Pages of Honour
These were the last Pages of Honour to attend a king at a coronation — the 1937 crowning of King George VI, King Charles’ grandfather. As second in line to the throne, Prince George will eventually become King George VII.
National Portrait Gallery London

George’s younger siblings Princess Charlotte, who turns eight just a few days before the Coronation, and Prince Louis, five – both of whom the public have fallen in love with after their cheeky displays at the Queen’s Jubilee last year — are not expected to play a formal role at the coronation but will take part in the procession as the King leaves Westminster Cathedral to go back to Buckingham Palace.

They are also expected to be on the balcony at the Palace along with all the working royals.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte both attended the funeral of their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth, making it the most prominent public duty for the second in line to the throne until the Coronation.

Prince George and his father at a soccer match
Prince George has had more relaxed royal duties, including being seen with his father Prince William including watching the soccer team they support, Aston Villa, in April.
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“It’s great to see that Prince George’s siblings will be involved too,” adds Sacerdoti. “It would have been easy for them all to be fell left out and we know how harmful that feeling can be for royals not likely to ever be king or queen – one only needs to look at Prince Harry to see the potential negative effects of being made to feel like a ‘spare.’”

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