Note over parking spot leads to heated fight between homeowners, driver

A California man was so revved up after finding a note on his car asking him not to in front of a couple’s home that he confronted them at their front door, leading to a tense confrontation that allegedly led to the cops being called.

Steve Haas was visiting a friend in Santa Clarita when he found a note from a neighbor that read, “Please do not park in front of our home, thank you.”

“I’m parked at my homeboy’s crib and I get this letter,” Haas said in the video he posted on TikTok.

“So I went and knocked on the door and asked why. It’s a public street. And she says she owns this parking spot. She owns it?”

Seconds later, a casually dressed woman comes out of her home with her phone seemingly recording.

“This guy right here is on my property, coming and knocking on my door, and causing us problems. I don’t know who this guy is, but he needs to leave,” she said.

The woman filming.
A woman went off on Steve Haas after he parked his car in front of her house on a public street.
TikTok/Steve Haas

The couple.
The couple allegedly called the police after claiming they own the parking spot.
TikTok/Steve Haas

The note.
The note left on Haas’ car.
TikTok/Steve Haas

“Leave my property,” the woman reiterates, which Haas refuses and states that he’s on a public sidewalk.

“I’m not on your property. I’m on the sidewalk, I’m on public property,” he said, panning the camera down to show his feet firmly planted on concrete.

The woman tells Haas she’s had enough and goes back toward her front door when he starts to laugh.

When she asks why he’s laughing, Haas replies, “Because that’s the rudest s–t I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Steve Haas.
Haas and the couple continued to argue, with him threatening to park there every weekend.
TikTok/Steve Haas

“You are the most ridiculous person,” the unidentified woman responds.

Her husband then comes out to ask him to leave, telling him: “You don’t live here, sir.”

But Haas doesn’t back down, despite the couple continuously asking him to leave. He tells them he “might park here every weekend,” leading the husband to call him a “jerk.”

As the wife goes off to make a phone call, the two men continue arguing about the parking spot, and even resort to calling each other names.

Eventually, the woman pulls her husband inside their Spanish-style home as the two men continue to have a row — until the homeowner informs Haas that “sheriffs are on their way.”

The nearly four-minute exchange cuts off before the police arrive, and it is unclear if the Sheriff’s Office was ever called.

The Post has contacted the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Office for comment.

Many viewers took to the comments to agree with Haas, with one writing: “I don’t like ppl parking in front of my house but I deff ain’t gonna act like I own it and gonna tell them to move. You just deal.”

Another alleged the woman took her husband inside after the police informed her she didn’t own the spot, writing: “She called the police and they told her that the street doesn’t belong to them that’s why she took him inside.”

Others joked Haas and his friends should park there every day.

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