Letters to the Editor — July 18, 2023

The Issue: Mayor Adams saying he is “the symbol of black manhood in this city” at an event last week.

To Mayor Adams: Why not use your “manhood” to do something to clean up the crime-ridden, filthy streets and make the subways safe for the citizens who pay the bills, instead of strutting in the clubs like Lord Fauntleroy (“Eric: Respect my manhood,” July 16)?

Then you will earn the respect. That’s how it is attained. You are a “symbol” of a do-nothing.

Arthur French


This may be a very good time for one of Adams’ closest and most trusted allies to conduct an intervention and urge Hizzoner to immediately take a pause and speak with a qualified professional.

His anger toward an octogenarian, his focus on “black manhood,” his feelings of being disrespected and his claims of receiving “divine” messaging appear to be red flags of some kind.

Perception may indeed be Adams’ current reality, but 8 million New Yorkers need full reassurance that Captain Queeg isn’t steering the Big Apple.

Vincent Ruggiero

Scottsdale, Ariz

As a retired police commander myself, I initially gave kudos to Adams when he was elected mayor, finally getting law and order at the helm.

At this point in his tenure, I can’t find a word strong enough to distance myself from my initial praise of him.

Talking about his “manhood,” his political status and a “divine” message from the Big Guy, I kinda get the feeling he envisions himself as the second coming.

The last hope I held out for him slipped away when he doubled-down on his inappropriate comments toward the elderly Jeanie Dubnau, a housing-rights activist and Holocaust survivor.

Now, I don’t know this lady, but I can guarantee you she’s advocating for families of all color. His best course of action is to take the high ground and find a way to work together on these problems — that’s what he was hired to do.

All I can say is that come election time, if this tragic trajectory continues, running for mayor would be like applying for the position of captain on the Titanic as she was sinking.


Philadelphia, Pa.

In a city where old ladies are afraid to walk the streets, I’m glad to see Hizzoner is still bragging about standing up to an 84-year-old white Holocaust survivor. Way to go.

Even though she didn’t come to this country till the late 1930s, he said she had that old “plantation” attitude.

Kevin Mullen


Mayor Adams said: “I’m the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country . . . and people have to recognize that.”

No, Mr. Mayor, you are the symbol of arrogance and ignorance.

Adams was extremely rude to an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor, comparing her to a plantation owner when she asked about rent increases.

The mayor refused to apologize for his offensive racial characterization, but one is necessary. The mayor even claimed God gave him a divine message that he would be mayor. Huh!

Some 6 million Jews and millions of other victims perished in the Holocaust, but God spoke to Eric Adams.

Mr. Mayor, you have embarrassed yourself on many levels.

Manny Martin


A simple revision, Mayor Adams — perhaps instead say: “As mayor, I must aspire to not be a symbol of black manhood, but instead a symbol of the type of man and leader the folks who put me here should expect. Not black or white, but just as a man with a job to do, period.”

He came from humble roots, rising through adversity. Great job. But getting there through the challenges means nothing if you do not work hard to solve the people’s problems once elected.

William Pierce

New Vineyard, Maine

I’m not a resident of New York City (thankfully), but I get The Post seven days a week, and so I can say that I’m sick of Adams and his current “disrespect” mantra.

Adams, here’s some real disrespect: Try acting like a real mayor, not some hypersensitive, whiny baby.

Peter Bochner

Wayland, Mass.

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