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Ghana has zero problems- the leaders just don’t love us. Charles Sam at the UNA – GES in New York

At the recent Global Engagement  Summit (GES) in New York, Charles Sam delivered a thought-provoking perspective on Ghana, suggesting that the nation’s challenges may be less about inherent problems and more about the need for leaders to express genuine care for its citizens. Sam’s contribution challenges us to reconsider the role of leadership in shaping the destiny of nations.

During his contribution, Sam emphasised Ghana’s vast potential, abundant resources, and resilient population, suggesting that the nation’s challenges could be alleviated through a different approach to leadership. He argued that a lack of love or genuine concern from leaders may be hindering the country’s progress, pointing to issues such as corruption, inadequate public services, and economic disparities.

This perspective invites us to reflect on the profound impact that leadership can have on a nation’s well-being. By focusing on the emotional connection between leaders and citizens, Sam prompts us to consider a more empathetic and people-centred approach to governance. The call for leadership love is a plea to prioritise the needs and aspirations of the population, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

While Sam’s contribution may not provide a comprehensive solution to all of Ghana’s challenges, it encourages a shift in mindset and a deeper exploration of the emotional dimensions of governance. As we contemplate the role of leadership in nation-building, perhaps a renewed emphasis on empathy and genuine care for citizens could pave the way for a brighter future for Ghana.

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