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Finding Your Bookkeeper: Online Bookkeepers Serving the LGBTQ Community

New norms have been the common theme in the workplace following the Covid-19 pandemic. The normal workday was thrown out the window with remote work. The normal workweek had to be adjusted for people contracting the virus. Many standard business practices were challenged by the employers struggling to not only stay afloat but keep their employees and customers safe.

Throughout the trial and error of discovering how to work in trying times a variety of new practices showed tremendous benefits. Remote work, zoom meetings, and screen tracking are now widely accepted as practices that will remain in the workplace.

Along with the shift in workplace norms came a shift in how businesses deliver their product or service to their customers. Roles that traditionally had to be in house can now be outsourced through online data sharing technology and efficient online communication.

Amongst these roles is bookkeeping. Online bookkeeping has become a popular option amongst businesses following the pandemic for a variety of reasons. From managing payroll to planning your company taxes, online bookkeepers are do-it-all financial experts that can advance your business to new heights.

Shifting the Workplace

Businesses are finding themselves navigating through the implementation of normal workplace environments. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently outlined in a 2021 article how businesses should look to resist outdated habits that have changed throughout the pandemic. HBR found that businesses should identify new practices that should be retained, reduce the influence of old practices, discuss and resolve issues and stigmas associated with a shifted workplace, and make new practices the new norm

Amongst the countless changes businesses explored, virtual bookkeeping is emerging as a practice businesses should look to retain, even with the pandemic in decline.

What do Online Bookkeepers do for your business?

Especially for new or small businesses, the Covid pandemic presented a variety of hurdles to overcome. Not only did business owners have to meet the safety requirements set by the government, but they had to combat the decrease in revenues as a result. Online bookkeepers have allowed business owners to onboard an invaluable asset to their organization and its financial health as well as lowering the cost of bookkeeping. On average, online bookkeepers can cut your accounting costs by nearly 50% according to the Journal of Accountancy.

Online bookkeepers can accomplish a variety of tasks for your company’s finances. Not only will they report and analyze day to day cash flows of your business, but online bookkeepers will analyze and create financial statements, consolidate payroll, prepare and plan taxes, and provide you with key insights into the performance and efficiency of your business. Through data analytics online bookkeepers can keep you informed on discrepancies or trends in your finances to aid you in financial decision making.

Where can I start?

Finding the right bookkeeper for your business can be a challenge. The internet houses many experts in the field that can be tailored specifically to your business. Unfortunately, for every expert bookkeeper, there is a below average bookkeeper looking to do the work for less money.

Bookeeps provides expert online accounting, customized bookkeeping, optimized financial and ledger statements, detailed tracking, management, and consolidation and a willingness to see your business dreams come to fruition. With so many options available on the internet, Bookeeps is an online bookkeeping service that truly cares about the success of your business.

Bookeeps believes that offering their service to you means becoming an essential part of your growing business. To schedule a free 30 minute consultation meeting to further explore how our experts can grow your business and explore our official page follow the embedded links. You can reach us at our Instagram, @bookeeps_, and explore more about who we are as online bookkeepers and accountants.

The Bookkeeps Advantage

At Bookeeps, we believe that your vision is our vision. Not only will we immerse our efforts into furthering your vision, but we work with you in every way we can. Finding understanding and considerate employees or partners is a daunting task in the modern age.

Bookeeps is 100% minority and LGBTQ owned. We proudly serve the LGBTQ community for all their bookkeeping needs. We understand that the advantage of our ideologies stretches further than financial statements or tax planning. Beyond being a one-stop-shop for your business’s finances, we strongly believe that human connection is an important step in a business relationship. Creating long-term financial success begins with establishing a respectful relationship and beneficial relationship with our customers, regardless of their demographics or ideologies.

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