Democrats continue to thrash Donald Trump — despite Joe Biden being in danger

It is an article of faith in the political world that Democrats’ legal jihad against Donald Trump has the perverse goal of assuring he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.

The Dems’ reasoning is that prosecuting Trump will make him unbeatable in the primaries and unelectable in the general election. 

It’s a clever, jujutsu-style move that aims to elevate the opponent before flattening him.

And the plan is working, with Trump’s GOP support growing into a dominant majority while he has been indicted three times by Democratic prosecutors.

A fourth set of criminal charges, by a Democrat in Georgia, waits in the wings. 

But even the best laid plans can go awry, and potentially fatal cracks are starting to appear in this one.

Indeed, it’s possible the plot could backfire and help return Trump to the Oval Office. 

The key problem is the political weakness of President Biden, who has stretched his 2020 victory over Trump into a claim that only he can beat Trump in ’24.

Despite Biden’s dismal approval ratings and obvious mental and physical decline, the party has not challenged that claim, with primary opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receiving only nominal support.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
President Biden’s primary opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is receiving only nominal support for the Democratic bid for the 2024 election.

Biden family business 

But serious threats of a different sort are gaining momentum and moving toward center stage.

The first is the irrefutable evidence that Hunter Biden got preferential treatment from his father’s Department of Justice. 

That was a given before the collapsed plea deal, which would have let Hunter walk with no jail time despite two tax charges and one gun crime. 

But the rigged, stymied probe described by IRS whistleblowers took on a whole new dimension when federal Judge Maryellen Noreika discovered an immunity provision hidden in the weeds of the agreement. 

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
Regarding to the Hunter Biden probe, President Biden claimed “my son has done nothing wrong.”

The deception and outrageous gift by federal prosecutors highlighted the stark contrast with the hammer-and-tongs way the same Justice Department goes after Trump and other Republicans. 

The differences are so pronounced that there is no possible explanation other than corruption.

As such, they fuel a widespread belief that Attorney General Merrick Garland is abusing his power to protect the president’s son and punish the president’s political opponents. 

Even more alarming, this is exactly what Biden wants from his AG.

He said so publicly. 

Merrick Garland
In April of 2022, the president sent the message through a New York Times article that he was frustrated because Garland was not prosecuting Trump over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Three months ago, the president told an interviewer that “my son has done nothing wrong” even as Garland’s office considered what charges to bring.

And in April of 2022, the president sent the message through a New York Times article that he was frustrated because Garland was not prosecuting Trump over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. 

Presto — the lap-dog AG turned his boss’ wishes into commands, creating a pattern that oozes dirty double standards. 

If there is any good news amid the disgraceful partisanship, it is that Biden and Garland are losing control of the narrative. 

Despite their best efforts to hide the truth with the immunity agreement and the aid of a compliant left-wing media, polls show most Americans believe Hunter got favorable treatment because of his name. 

Devon Archer
Devon Archer, the former family friend and partner of President Biden, forced the White House to backtrack on one of Joe’s more outlandish claims.
Julia Nikhinson – CNP for NY Post / MEGA

Even more important, a growing body of evidence shows Joe was deeply involved in Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes. 

The latest proof involves the testimony of Devon Archer, the former family friend and partner who forced the White House to backtrack on one of Joe’s more outlandish claims — his long insistence that he never even discussed his son’s businesses with him was changed to “he was never in business” with his son. 

Moving the goal posts is a sign of guilt, not innocence.

Besides, how does the White House define “was never in business?” 

Does it mean the president didn’t make any money from the deals?

President Joe Biden
House Democrats tried to downplay the calls by emphasizing that President Biden didn’t talk business with Hunter.

Or does it just mean he never signed a formal contract? 

The timing of the move suggests that Hunter is involved with White House decision-making because it came just before Archer revealed that Hunter put his father on speakerphone during more than 20 meetings with potential foreign clients while Joe was vice president.

Dubious dialing down 

House Dems comically tried to downplay the calls by emphasizing that Joe didn’t talk business, as if a substantive conversation was necessary to prove he was doing something unethical and probably illegal. 

But as Archer noted, Joe didn’t have to say anything special.

His mere presence on the calls meant the vice president of the United States gave the arrangements his blessing and, by implication, pledged to use his “brand” to protect the family’s clients. 

That’s all Hunter had to sell, and Joe’s chit-chat was a signal he was on board.

That’s why the clients paid the Bidens millions of dollars. 

Hunter Biden
A Ukrainian energy firm however put Hunter Biden and Devon Archer on its board, and its owner allegedly told an FBI informant that he paid each of the Biden’s $5 million to shield the company from political pressure.

As to what official actions Joe took to help them, his shilling for Burisma is best known, though some details remain in dispute.

What’s certain is that the corrupt Ukrainian energy firm put Hunter and Archer on its board, and its owner allegedly told an FBI informant he paid each of the Bidens $5 million to shield the company from political pressure. 

It is a glaring example of malfeasance that the FBI never probed the bribe allegations or Joe’s phone calls to the business meetings, which might have been recorded in the White House. 

The Burisma case also illustrates the major issue: Did Joe Biden get money, directly or indirectly, from the deals he blessed? 

Tony Bobulinski’s assertion that Joe was the “big guy” slated for a secret 10% cut in a China deal is relevant, even though Joe was a private citizen when they met in 2017.

Bobulinski said the millions the family eventually got from the deal was for work done in 2015 and 2016, when Joe was VP.

WH financial forensics 

My view is that GOP investigators will do the work Garland’s Justice Department won’t do, and find money trails leading to Joe.

Hunter’s text-message complaint to his daughter that “unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary” is a starting point. 

Earlier subpoenas of bank records showed numerous shell company accounts, with foreign money going to nine Bidens, and that is probably the pattern the family used repeatedly.

As lawmakers and others have noted, that’s not the way legitimate companies do business. 

Because there’s no chance in hell Garland will investigate Biden, GOP probes take on added importance.

Congress can’t prosecute the president, but the evidence produced against him could upend next year’s elections. 

Although polls detect some softness in Trump’s primary support in early states, the biggest threat to Dems’ scheme of propping him up would be proof that Biden sold his VP office to America’s adversaries, including Russia and China. 

Impeachment in the House would be certain and even if the Senate fails to convict, a collapse of voter support could force Biden to abandon his shaky re-election bid. 

If Kamala Harris, RFK Jr. or California Gov. Gavin Newsom gets the nomination, the Dems might live to regret their scheme to make Trump their opponent. 

Instead of beating him, they could end up helping to elect him.

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