Cynthia Nixon teases upcoming season of ‘And Just Like That…’

And just like that, it’s almost time for season two!

Cynthia Nixon, 57, who played the legendary character Miranda Hobbes on the 1998 hit “Sex and The City,” is teasing what fans can expect from the upcoming second season of the spinoff, “And Just Like That…”

The sophomore season of the show is set to premiere on June 22 on Max — formerly known as HBO Max.

“Where we left Miranda at the end of the last season, she had made this big, bold decision to renounce her very coveted internship and follow Che (Sara Ramirez) to California to be the girlfriend of the new TV star,” Nixon told Parade in an interview published this week.

She continued, “That’s where we pick them up, and it has lots of wonderful things and lots of pitfalls as one could imagine. I can’t say much more than that.”

Nixon’s character, Hobbes, plays a lawyer who is married to Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), but goes through some changes as she gets older, particularly in her romantic life.

Cynthia Nixon
In a new interview, Cynthia Nixon teased the upcoming season of “And Just Like That…”
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Cynthia Nixon
She said that the spinoff show picked up right where it left off.

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker
On the show, Nixon plays lawyer Miranda Hobbes.
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During the interview, Nixon also spoke about some fan feedback to the spinoff series, particularly some “negative fan reactions” to the changes that her character is going through.

To that, Nixon maintained that the ladies have “always been on a journey of self-discovery.”

“I think on the most basic level they were not women who the first item on their to-do list was to get married and have children,” Nixon explained to the outlet.

The cast of "And Just Like That..."
The show is set to premiere on Max on June 22.

“And so, if that very traditional female path is not the one that they were intending to walk down, well, what path were they going to take? And they had to, to some extent, create their own path. So, I think, yes, it’s always been a journey of self-discovery.”

However, this upcoming season of the spinoff will be a bit different, as it will feature a few more familiar faces.

Last month, The Post exclusively revealed that Kim Cattrall, 66, who plays the fun and sultry publicist Samantha Jones, will be making a return to the series in a “cliffhanger” cameo appearance.

Cynthia Nixon
The original series, “Sex and The City,” premiered in 1998.

One source claimed that she filmed the scene in a town car in a parking garage near Silvercup Studios in Queens this past March.

The star’s appearance was kept so hush-hush, an insider told The Post, that her name didn’t even appear on the call sheet.

“The fact that they’re keeping it very hush-hush says that there’s some implication that she might be coming back — not this season, but it’s definitely a cliffhanger that’s gonna get people to come back for Season 3,” an insider told The Post of Cattrall’s cameo.

Cynthia Nixon
The original show has also been the result of two movies.
Cynthia Nixon / Instagram

Cattrall noticeably didn’t make a return to the spinoff series for its first season, and the script wrote her off by claiming that she had moved to London after a falling out with Carrie Bradshaw, who is played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Over the past few years, there have been rumors — and even some seeming droppings of evidence — of a feud between Cattrall and the rest of the cast.

It seemed to be fueled by a movie they were supposed to film in 2017, which would have been a third installment of the “Sex and the City” films.

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda in Sex and the City
Kim Cattrall will also be joining the second season, The Post exclusively revealed last month.

However, plans for production came to a screeching halt after there was some supposed drama between Cattrall and the ladies, while an article published by the Daily Mail, allegedly revealed Cattrall’s “demands” for the movie at the same time.

Although Nixon hasn’t directly addressed Cattrall’s return to the show, she seemed to hint at herself and the other ladies — Parker and Davis — having to “[walk] around on eggshells with someone who’s unhappy” during an interview with Vanity Fair published this week.

“We all love each other, we love our show, we wanted to do more of it. And we all wanted to be there. So that makes an enormous difference,” Nixon said about the spinoff’s cast.

But, in an interesting twist of events, it appeared that Cattrall had claimed that she had “moved on” and was done talking about the shows in an interview with the UK Sunday Times that was conducted last month, before the news broke.

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