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Jaden Smith  Gets Mind Blown by Celebrity Magician at Popular New York City Nightclub

American rap artist and actor Jaden Smith made an appearance over the weekend at the renowned Chelsea nightclub Somewhere Nowhere, a club that is a hot spot for celebrity visits. Smith, who is a frequent performer here, visited and performed for fans on October 14th. No doubt he was expecting it to be a night like any other – he would perform, and the crowd would rightly delight in his performance.

And yet, Smith had another thing coming, because while art may be primarily on stage in a nightclub, it can sometimes also be found in the audience.

During Smith’s performance, something unusual caught the rapper’s attention and he was instantly drawn to it. Jaden observed a magician who was in the audience and he quickly rushed to witness a trick for himself.

 It was quite an unexpected thing to see at a club but one that had the whole crowd, Including myself, intrigued. The magician turned out to be Celebrity Magician Joshpele Magic who is famous for his custom routines and is a resident at various hot spots around New York City.

            JoshPele had Jaden select a card and in an impossible manner, a phone next to the artist displayed a photo of Jaden on a recent trip. Yet in the photo he was holding a playing card that matched the selected card from the deck he had chosen moments prior. This was surely an unexpected twist that shook myself as well as the other club goers. It was evident in Jaden’s facial expressions that he was thoroughly impressed by JoshPele’s skill.

            Now, a rap show by Jaden is enough to top pretty much any Friday night, but a rap show, and a magic performance? This might need to become the new norm for Nightlife.

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