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Zizi Kassem and her great success

Since her childhood, she dreamed of fame and owning her own brand, and this is what she worked hard to achieve, and reached her goal without any deterrent, defying all circumstances.

“Zizi Kassem” became a businesswoman in her early twenties, and she was able to achieve great success since the launch of her brand (z.k), and made many great achievements in the field of high quality cosmetics that made her gain the special attention of amateurs and specialists in this field, Especially in terms of high-quality workmanship, distinctive characteristics, and various exciting natural colors that every woman needs to maintain a striking and soft look.

The brand quickly received wide responses in the field, in addition to that, Zizi launched her own brand in the field of perfumes, and it became one of the best brands in the Arab world.

Zizi shares her product collection with her Instagram followers “new photos of her perfume and her makeup”, and the latter got a great interaction from the followers who expressed the beauty and the appeal of the products and how they were marketed caught the attention of the Lebanese media who became the topic of conversation.

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