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Since music is widely accessible and can potentially reach and move masses, it is considered the most influential form of art. While there are many benefit concerts being organized around the world getting people united behind a common cause, this influential art form has been infrequently used to raise social awareness, understanding and dialogue– to address issues facing societies.

In a highly competitive industry, sadly the majority of artists and writers are pressured to go after shiny objects, spotlight, and commercial growth only, and this in turn left only a handful of creators to push the envelop through artistic productions. 

Of course admittedly, writing deep and meaningful songs to raise the bars in a given society is not for everyone. Certain level of understanding, maturity and skills needed before one could jot down such songs. Moreover, writing to impact a society or communicating a message through song is a delicate matter and requires certain degree of sensitivity – especially in selecting words.

One of the critically acclaimed and highly respected songwriters noted for his message songs is Mosi Dorbayani, whose publication in the field not only received the industry’s recognition and won several awards, but also gained the attention of academia around the world.

‘To Whom It May Concern’, ‘Hopes in Chain’, ‘Walk in Style’, ‘Brave the Weather’, ‘Wisdom of Years’, and ‘The Wine of Youth’, are among his vastly noted message songs.

Earlier this year, Laura Wright, a talented vocal artist and performer from Las Vegas joined Mosi’s roster and their collaboration made a number of success stories – including Laura winning the best Pop singer for ‘In Depth of Your Eyes’, from Lit Talent Awards in New York.

‘Veracity’, is Laura’s forth original song written by Canadian songwriter, Mosi Dorbayani. This is a message song on ethics and social behavior, which is arranged in Rock-crossover. This lyrical masterpiece is accompanied by a dynamic melody which feels like ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. It is indeed a demanding song with some challenging high notes, but yet performed admirably by rising star, Laura Wright.

‘Veracity’ invites its listeners to uphold human values and encourages them to act ethically and morally.    

In a world still full of deceit, cruelty, racism and injustice, we need more artists and songwriters to call for veracity.

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