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Truck dispatch company – What is an owner-operator?

The trucking industry is in continuous development and more and more companies make their appearance in the field. However, collaborating with a truck dispatch company represents a necessity if you want to grow your business. These kinds of services represent a real help for companies, but also owner-operators.

If you’re new in the domain, you’re probably wondering “What’s an owner-operator?”. The name is pretty suggestive: he is a truck driver that operates with his equipment. When it comes to their activity, they can work either for their own company or in collaboration with another company, like a hotshot dispatch. If you choose the second option, the trucking company can take care of the administrative work and your loads. However, it is more convenient to collaborate with a professional truck dispatch company, and here’s why:

  • They assign you the best loads – Searching and finding the highest paid loads can be a real challenge for you, even as an owner-operator or a big company. Collaboration with a professional team guarantees the best loads for your trucks. The knowledge and experience in the field it’s what promise you the best load management you can get.
  • They take care of administrative matters – All the paperwork can be a real headache, especially when you just start your business. Also, your lack of experience can be a real obstacle when it comes to administrative matters. So, it’s better for your company’s success to collaborate with a professional team.
  • Managing all the possible problems that can occur in the delivery process – When you’re delivering goods, there are always problems that can occur in the process, like bad weather or technical issues. So, it’s the duty of the company that you collaborate with to take care of them. Also, a professional team will always have a plan for any unexpected situation.

Truck dispatch – Why become an owner-operator?

You decided that it is time to become your own boss, but you don’t want to start a company? Then, the perfect match for you can be the position of the owner-operator. You work with your equipment, on your own terms and can always choose your collaborators. More details you can find here: But, if you’re not already convinced, there are some more reasons that you must take into account:

  • Complete control over profit – It’s entirely your decision on how much money you make or how you choose to invest them.
  • Executive decisions – You are your boss, so there are no general rules that you should follow. You establish your company’s policy.
  • Pick your loads and routes – You can either pick them by yourself or collaborate with a truck dispatch company. Anyhow, the business is working by your rules and you always have the last word to say.
  • Tax deductions – A regular driver cannot benefit from such taxes.
  • Flexible schedule – As an owner-operator, you can make a schedule that blends perfectly your personal and professional life. So, you don’t need to worry about long periods spent far from your family and friends. Also, you’ll never experience overworking.

There are a lot of reasons that can make you consider leaving the company that you’re working for and begin your journey as an owner-operator. Nobody says that the beginning is easy, but with the right collaborators by your side, you can reach your goals faster than you imagined. Also, unlike the employment contract, your collaboration with other businesses can end whenever you want.

Don’t put a limit and choose what’s best for you. In the long run, you’ll make the profit that you expected at the beginning or even more. So, working as an owner-operator can bring you lots of unexpected advantages.

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