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Think Gala 2022 in the Hamptons Raises Awareness for non-profit, Thinking Huts’ Mission to Increase Greater Global Education Access

The non-profit organization, Thinking Huts conducts essential and creative work to help increase access to education, especially in communities that are impoverished or struggling with an education crisis.

This month, Thinking Huts is planning to promote their mission further with their Think Gala event. The non-profit is hosting a short film premiere followed by a party at its Think Gala. As a company that prides themselves on advanced thinking and technology, their new projects in the works are sure to astound many. The event will showcase the impact the company has had thus far and discuss future plans going forward. The overall gala event is designated to explaining Thinking Hut’s goals, mission and influence on the world. 

Thinking Huts is unique and contemporary in the regard that their goal is to provide greater access to education for all, but in a time efficient way and through a modern, sustainable approach. Thinking Huts plans to utilize the 3-D printing systems to help create schools for areas in need of assistance.

3-D printing technology is highly beneficial as well as cost and time efficient. Not only does this process eliminate copious amounts of waste and pollution, but Thinking Huts predicts the process of the building should only take about a week, in comparison to traditional construction timelines which can take months to years for the final product to come to fruition.

The Thinking Huts x Think Gala event will take place from 6:00-10:00pm at the Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton New York (207 Main St, East Hampton, NY 11937). The event will include a short film in the beautiful outdoors. There will be drinks and hors d’oeuvres included as well. To RSVP, please contact

Given the holiday season, Halloween is the theme for the function, with a strong encouragement for costumes.This party will be a fun opportunity for socializing and networking in conjunction with the ability to learn more about Thinking Hut’s impactful mission, upcoming plans and new partners.

If interested in becoming a donor or sponsor, visit the “Become a Sponsor” form on the Thinking Huts website.

The non-profit has an inspiring backstory, with the founder, Maggie, being only 15 years old when she began to see the vision for what Thinking Huts could become. She truly understood the importance of education and the role it can play in one’s success and ability to prosper in life.

Most of the company’s work thus far has been in developing and underdeveloped countries who are particularly struggling to have the resources to build and foster a strong foundation for a schooling system. According to the statistics on their website, “globally, over 290 million students are prevented from attending school due to overcrowding, travel distance, and lack of infrastructure.”

Thinking Huts aims to help bridge this gap and provide actual support to these areas who are simply looking to get their children into an organized and positive schooling environment. This upcoming event allows the non-profit to share testimonials and their pursuit with a larger crowd, some of whom may become interested in joining or supporting.

To see more on Thinking Huts check out their website.

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