Sunnyvale-based dentist arrested after hidden camera found in office bathroom

SUNNYVALE โ€” A hidden camera found in the bathroom of a Sunnyvale dentistโ€™s office led to the arrest of the dentist for allegedly capturing video of several victims, including children while using the restroom, according to authorities.

Zaid Yousif Sharma, a dentist working out of an office at 877 West Fremont Avenue, was arrested on suspicion of child pornography possession and peeping on Wednesday after a search warrant was executed in his office and his Santa Clara home, a news release from Sunnyvale police announced Friday.

The investigation began after a victim discovered the camera in the restroom located in Sharmaโ€™s office on July 26. The victim took the camera to Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, according to the department, and police discovered videos of additional videos of victims โ€” including videos of two minors.

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