Protest against brothels in Queens and more: Letters

Brothels protest

I want to commend the parents and kids who braved the rain to protest the brothels and prostitution rings which now proliferate on Roosevelt Avenue (“Give ‘red-light district’ hook,” Sept. 11).

This is happening because the Queens district attorney and local NYC politicians like Sen. Julia Salazar think that prostitution is just a career choice.

In fact, progressives think that prostitutes are sex workers and try to sanitize what they do, blissfully unaware of the consequences of sex trafficking such as drug addiction, violence and diseases.

They also do nothing to support groups that want to end sex trafficking and save women — many of whom are underage.

Vote these miscreants out.

Alice Lemos, Woodside

Rude awakening

Nicole Gelinas is right the crowds at the US Open do indeed encapsulate what’s wrong with not just New York City, but society in general (“Court Disorder,” PostOpinion, Sept. 11).

It’s no particular party’s supporters. I’m quite sure the folks who talk or text in movie theaters are Democrats, Republicans, liberals, independents, etc.

It isn’t a reaction to COVID restrictions.

Society was already heading in that direction.

Folks were already talking loudly on cellphones on commuter trains — now they use speaker phones.

Drivers in Porsches are just as likely to cause traffic by texting as Hyundai drivers.

Go to a concert and music lovers aren’t enjoying the music and reveling in the camaraderie of a shared experience.

They’re taking selfies and blocking other people’s enjoyment because the whole world is in the “selfie” mentality: It’s my world, step aside.

What the US Open really represents is that there is no class distinction for rude behavior.

Tennis and golf, once a place of collared polos and quiet, are now getting closer and closer to the WWE.

Until we address the selfishness that permeates every layer of society, we are doomed.

Marc Mondry, Huntington

Bail insanity

Per Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney, thanks to bail reform, 20 drug dealers were automatically released while he “stood hopelessly by” (“Suffolk arrested 30 drug dealers, but bail laws meant 20 were let go,” Sept. 14).

Despite the fact that 399 people died from fentanyl last year just on the eastern half of Long Island, the court had no choice but to release these dealers thanks to bail reform.

The DA also said that in New York, the loopholes are a “mile wide” and drug dealers continue to take advantage.

I’m confused as to why your article didn’t point out the political hacks that pushed bail reform and led us here, like state Sens. Mike Gianaris, Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Andrew Gounardes, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Attorney General Tish James.

The list goes on, but the song remains the same.

These career politicians don’t care about our safety.

Their only interest is staying in office and cashing those six-figure, taxpayer-funded checks.

It’s time that they’re held accountable.

Vote them out.

Alan Chieco, Islip

Animal lovers

Regardless of your point of view on animal-welfare issues, painting PETA as “lefties” is totally inappropriate (“PETA’s ‘Reporting’ Ploy,” Editorial, Sept. 10).

Animal welfare isn’t a left or right issue. In fact, classic conservative Republicans historically have been on the forefront of concern about this issue.

President Ronald Reagan cared about these issues, and so do I.

No one would call either one of us a “lefty.”

Richard Schechter, Wellington, Fla.

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