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Prebiotics and Probiotics: The Importance of Eating Properly

Every day you make a choice to eat healthy is a day that your body can be at its strongest.  When you’re looking at key pieces of just what you should be using for your body’s best health, you’re going to want to look closely.  Like, really closely.  Specifically, prebiotics and probiotics. 

Prebiotics vs. probiotics

You’ve probably heard of probiotics before, but perhaps not prebiotics.  They must be related, right?  Sort of.  Probiotics are microorganisms that live in your gut and are responsible for helping keep your gut at its strongest and healthiest.  For example yogurt, and kombucha.  The stronger your gut is, the better you can digest your food and break it down, putting your body to work with the proper fuel it needs.

Prebiotics are the food for these hard-working organisms. For example almonds, chickpeas, and garlic.  These little tiny plant fibers will help fertilize the growth of the probiotics and will support keeping your gut healthy.

Author, Ravi Sahay

How does this factor into eating properly?

What is the right blend of prebiotics and probiotics going to do for your body?  It’s all about understanding just what the potential is.

  •         A healthy gut makes for a happy body: When your gut has the support and happy environment that it needs, the rest of your body is going to be happy and supported, too.  No more indigestion or difficult bathroom trips, more energy throughout the day, etc. 
  •         A happy body is a strong body: When your body has what it needs from proper support, it is stronger.  This is both in terms of how you feel when you’re using your body and also just that your body will feel better.  Sleeping will be easier, and your joints won’t hurt as much. A strong body will be great for whatever you want to do with it!
  •         Prime your stomach for the rest of your food: When your gut is healthy, it also means that you’ll be able to have it in the best shape to break down the food that you eat.  This means easier digestion and better nutrient absorption, which will help our body grow stronger and be cared for easier than before, even if nothing else in your diet changes!

The proof is in the eating

Not sure just how something so tiny and significant as a team of prebiotics and probiotics could make a difference?  The best way to see for yourself is to try it!  Using Ravi Sahay’s May You BE Healthy: Well-being for Pennies a Day, as your guide Ayurveda, this book will help you understand what small changes like these can make and why you need to consider making the change sooner rather than later.  Focusing on education on gut problems and how healthy eating is the “cure” for chronic diseases, it’s an information center that comes from personal experience.  It’s a difference that you’ll truly be able to feel.

When you want and need a strong, stable body, don’t look straight at what you’re feeding your body as far as your main courses.  Understand what role prebiotics and probiotics could play and how that’s going to trickle down with the rest of your food sources and make you stronger and healthier so that you can feel like your best self with the well-being that you can feel.

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