Pot stench, vagrants and a failing city — there’s too much rot in NYC

New York, New York, a once helluva town. Not now.

East Side, West Side, all around the town: Pot smells. Vagrants lying on the sidewalk. Females in shorts so short you can see remains of their food. Trash wherever. Roaches, rats. Empty stores. Others boarded up. Taxes, prices, everything more expensive. Facing charges, a Long Island admitted liar wants re-election to Congress. Bicyclists, coming the wrong way, hitting law-abiding citizens — like me. Schools overwhelmed, understaffed.

Human beings who don’t speak English, no money, zero allegiance to our country, have unexamined backgrounds, can even be unhealthy, in some cases transport drugs, plus in some cases lifestyles and streets now so dangerous we fear walking out alone. Residents relocating. Limited school buses, vagrants/sickos/mentally ill have harmed people so there’s fear entering certain areas, Broadway’s on life support, plus officials who let cop killers walk free.

It’s a flee market

Rents sky high, guns everywhere, knives everywhere else, killings and stabbings daily ­occurrences, anti-Semitism, churches empty, buildings empty, Biden doesn’t know where he is, Kamala doesn’t know where the border is. There’s less police and don’t let’s even mention mass transit. Theaters are shut, department stores empty, English becoming a second language, traffic impassable, cost of living a struggle, health care issues.

Doctors packing up, family businesses closing up, middle class giving up, parking nonexistent, unemployment high, wages low, homeless everywhere, construction so unmanageable that the LIE is a parking lot, lack of welfare for seniors and the mentally ill. And the middle class? Gone.

Don’t like Giuliani who cleaned up this town years ago when squeegee guys terrified motorists. Don’t like Donald who at least will clean up the migrant mess. Don’t like Dragg Bragg? Nobody does.

New York, New York. Greatest effing city on Earth. Where everyone — the whole universe — wanted to come. So where should longtime residents go now? Whitefish, Mont.? Monowi, Neb.? How’s Golconda, Ill., grab you?

Off track

A story. Hardworking housekeeper Eva is loyal, devoted, honest. A legit émigré from Mexico. Came long ago with her papers, applied legally for citizenship, swore allegiance to the flag. Makes it by working hard.

The other morning, alone, enroute to me, she took the subway. Walking down the station’s steps a strange man, behind her, for no reason, deliberately pushed her. Hard. She tumbled down the dirty non-carpeted stone stairs. She managed to get to me. We took care of her.

Bless this mess

Our city streets fill with those who don’t belong here. We’re all working. All finding it tough. Scared. Frightened. Worrying about money. Safety. Health. Our futures. Those we love. One of us just had to step over a flat-out prone body lying right in front of a fancy Park Avenue address. Authorities eventually came and collected him.

To risk getting stabbed, beaten, shot, robbed, insulted is what hardworking taxpaying loyal patriotic American voters elected officials for? The definition of today’s mugger: One who steals your money without getting elected.

So where should we longtime NYC residents go? Chillicothe? Yuma?

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