Murdered mom Rachel Morin was ‘devoted’ to her 5 kids who are now split up

Slain mother of five Rachel Morin, who kept a daily spray tan appointment and frequented multiple dating sites before her gruesome death was also a “devoted” mom to her five kids, her bosses said.

“She was very warm and above all she loved her children,” Margaret Woltz, 69, told The Post about the 37-year-old Maryland mother, found brutally murdered Aug. 6 on the Ma and Pa hiking trail in Bel Air.

“She raised them very well. She had a flexible work schedule that allowed her to make sure her kids were always taken care of. We were like grandparents to the kids and we trusted her implicitly.”

Morin, who owned her own cleaning business, worked for Woltz and her husband for eight years, keeping their home tidy, Woltz said.

The mom was “easygoing” and almost always in a good mood, said Woltz, who admitted she and her husband noticed Morin seemed “distracted” the week before she was killed.

Margaret Woltz said Morin’s top priority was her kids, who were exceptionally well-behaved.

A photo of Rachel Morin.
Rache Morin was reported missing by her boyfriend just before midnight on Aug. 6 and was discovered the next day in a tunnel in the park where she was hiking.
Facebook / Rachel Morin

“Rachel was very disciplined and she raised them well,” Mrs. Woltz said.

The kids, who range in age from 8 to 18 and have three different fathers, have been split up and sent to live with their respective dads.

Morin was last seen Aug. 5, heading out on the Ma & Pa Trail at 6 p.m.. Her car was seen parked near the trail.

A photo of Richard Tobin.
Morin’s boyfriend, Richard Tobin, has a lengthy rap sheet including assault but he denied any involvement in Morin’s death.
Facebook / Richard Tobin

She was reported missing by Tobin shortly before midnight.

Tobin – whose lengthy rap sheet includes second-degree assault, violating restraining orders and resisting arrest – on Monday denied he was involved in Morin’s death.

On Facebook, Tobin insisted he “would never do anything” to Morin.

A photo of Rachel Morin and Richard Tobin.
Rachel Morin with her boyfriend, Richard Tobin.
Facebook / Rachel Morin

Though the Harford County Sheriff’s Department has not named any suspects in her death, they have confirmed Morin was the victim of foul play.

Tobin was reportedly among those questioned in the case.

Police told reporters to ignore an account given by a local man, Michael Gabriszeski, who gave a gory description of having discovered the body in a tunnel on the trail, saying he had not found the body nor seen it.

A photo of Rache Morin.
Rache Morin’s five children, ranging in age from 8 to 18, have been split up. The five have three different fathers and have been sent to them.
Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Gabriszeski’s father John told The Post Saturday that his son was not lying – he was with a group of people who found the body although he was not the one to find it.

He said his son’s stepdaughter, who was an acquaintance of Rachel’s, and another person was with him looking for Morin and they were the ones who found her.

“I think the authorities don’t want too much information out there right now as they conduct the investigation and we understand that,” he said.

“My son is going to remain quiet and not say anything further.

The Post reached out to a relative of Richard Tobin’s who lives in the Bronx.

Catherine Tobin, 69, is Facebook friends with Richard Tobin and she has commented on his Facebook page.

But she denied knowing him when a Post reporter visited

Additional reporting by Georgia Worrell

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