Letters to the Editor — March 23, 2023

The Issue: District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pursuit of an indictment against former President Donald Trump.

It does not matter which side of the aisle you sit on. As a New Yorker, you have to be stunned and disgusted by this DA’s attempt to indict Trump on ridiculous charges (“The calm before Stormy of ‘Don bust,’ ” March 21).

We have much bigger problems in New York.

To waste time, effort and money on this is political grandstanding, and anyone who lives in the state and doesn’t see that is deaf, dumb and blind.

We are spending millions of dollars on illegal immigrants.

You walk down the street in New York City and people are doing drugs and smoking marijuana out in the open, and our police officers are being used, abused and quitting at a rate we’ve never seen before.

Crime is out of control, and our bail reform laws are absurd.

But let’s not pay any attention to the real problems. Let’s arrest Trump on trumped-up charges (no pun intended).

Allison Luke

Rockville Centre

I don’t understand how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has all the time and energy to desperately seek to prosecute Trump for something that happened seven years ago that was thoroughly investigated with no charges filed.

This at a time when crime is rampant in New York City?

Michael Pravica

Henderson, Nev.

The latest news of a possible indictment of Trump is stirring up trouble, and the calls for “support” are accompanied by talk of riots to prevent his arrest.

What happened to the days when justice was seen as blind and impartial? Surely no one is misguided or arrogant enough to believe that the law does not apply the same to him as it does for anyone else.

Of course, he is better-resourced, but the law is still the law — or it should be.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

In the case of the possible Trump indictment, I wonder how much manpower and resources will be poured into this nonsense.

The move amounts to upgrading a misdemeanor. This from a DA who’s known for doing the opposite (pleading charges down and releasing criminals, who can then strike again).

How many criminals will be released with no bail because the DA’s office doesn’t have the resources to prosecute?

A prosecutor’s job is to go after real criminals, not carry out political vendettas.

Bill Isler


If you doubt that the Democrats are in complete terror of another Trump run for the White House, the latest Bragg hit job is proof.

This latest Democratic attack has one purpose — to produce a mugshot of the ex-president to continuously wheel out to effectively stop his run for the presidency.

This will not destroy Trump and will likely anger many voters enough to prompt them to go out and support him in larger numbers.

Shame on those who put their politics above the country’s welfare, who fan hate and underhandedness in order to tilt the electoral process in their favor.

This shows how low Democrats and their supporters have sunk. The only principle they follow is to win at any cost and use any method, no matter how destructive to democracy.

Steve Heitner

Middle Island

Rick Lowry missed the “elephant in the room” in his article about Bragg’s pending indictment of Trump (“A Gift to Trump,” PostOpinion, March 21).

Surely an arrest will inflame Trump supporters and help fill his election coffers, but Bragg must know that he has no chance of actually getting a conviction.

What Bragg certainly knows, however, is that such a history-making indictment will give him national recognition. Every liberal Democrat (forgive the redundancy) will rally around him and chant his name.

Whether or not he is successful in his prosecution of Trump will be irrelevant. What will be remembered is that Bragg indicted and prosecuted the big, bad Donald Trump, and he will take every opportunity to remind voters of that when he runs for higher office.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Fla.

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