Letters to the Editor — July 4, 2023

The Issue: The Supreme Court’s rejection of President Biden’s plan to cancel $400 billion in student debt.

I agree with the Supreme Court’s decision not to burden taxpayers with student-loan debt (“Authority not Joe’s a ‘loan,’ ” July 1).

Back when I was of college age, my family could not afford to send me to college — but, as a family, we all sent my younger brother to college because he was the smartest in the family.

If the government wants to do something, it should investigate high college tuition. Let the colleges explain why the cost is so high.

I didn’t go to college, and I’m not responsible for anyone’s student loan. If I borrow money to buy a house for my family, I don’t expect the government to pay my mortgage. It’s time to stop making the taxpayer responsible for any debt belonging to anyone. That includes not bailing out failed banks or business.

Dan Foley

Port St Lucie, Fla.

Although they’ve received a college degree in a field of their choosing, some are complaining about the Supreme Court’s decision on President Biden’s attempt to forgive millions of dollars in student loans.

These graduates failed to grasp one very important lesson — responsibility. Granted, some have not done as well as others, but many have gotten very good jobs and are certainly capable of making their payments.

You cannot hold the taxpaying Americans responsible for your actions.

Dick Mills


Biden gave false hope to 40 million former students. He had no legal or constitutional authority to forgive student debt. He knew this, but needed it as a political ploy to get votes.

Not learning anything from the Supreme Court ruling, he’s making more false promises by looking for new ways to circumvent Congress and the Constitution.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

Biden, I borrowed a lot of money to help pay my New York University tuition. Here’s how I repaid every penny; No Cancun winter recesses, no $2,000 concert tickets, no $1,200 iPhone, no $200 sneakers, no lattes.

It’s a miracle I survived.

Henry Ford

Fort Salonga

No, Mr. President, the Republicans didn’t “snatch away” your student-loan-bailout plan.

You knew beforehand that you had no legal authority to forgive $400 billion — that authority is only vested in Congress; even Rep. Nancy Pelosi said so.

So you are at fault for misleading and giving false hope to millions of Americans.

SCOTUS, in its decision, officially said the forgiveness plan violated the Constitution, and that’s the law of the land.

Your statement that you’re going to attempt to work around the decision with a new bailout path and still not go to Congress shows how political you are — or worse, how boneheaded or ill-advised you are.

Harold Fishman


There are simple solutions to the two decisions handed down by the Supreme Court in favor of the website designer in Colorado and against forgiving student loans.

In the first case, LBGTQ clients should find a LBGTQ website designer. Can’t be that hard.

In the second case, the students who took the loan should simply pay what they agreed to. Not that tough.

Bob Robustelli

Stamford, Conn.

SCOTUS got it right on the Democratic student-loan-forgiveness program.

Yet Biden has the gall to immediately go on national television to express outrage. Joe, your program was declared unconstitutional, what more do you need to know?

Vote-buying has got to stop. Pay your loans like I did by getting a job.

James Foley


Thank goodness the Supreme Court had the backbone and followed the Constitution on student-loan forgiveness.

I, like many other parents, mortgaged my home more than once to send my children to college. These students took these loans knowing they would have to be paid back.

Besides, the only entity that can authorize spending in the federal government is Congress.

Thomas E. Bregenzer

Lake Ariel, Pa.

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