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For the Love of New York

It is easy to fall in love with the city of New York. It is the type of city that no matter how many times you visit, you’ll always find something new around the corner. The Big Apple is a dream playground for photographers and travellers alike, myself included. I first fell in love with NYC in 2018 on a photography trip.

As an avid traveler, I have learned that one of the most ideal ways to capture a city’s true identity is through photography. Being a photographer, one of the best feelings is being able to take a photo and just by the photograph itself, know exactly where you were or how you felt in that moment.

Traveling is an unforgettable experience. It teaches you things, and helps you grow as a person. It is also something that needs to be shared with others. Photos from trips and adventures are a way to capture the moment and share it and remember it for years after. I share some of my work on Instagram @krasiworld and my work has been shared by many tourist boards, hotels, community and photography pages and brands.

It’s no wonder the backdrop or setting for so many famous movies, videos, and photos is no other place than NYC. As a photographer, it means always looking for the right angle and lighting, the perfect time and place for the best photo opts; New York always has that. Being a British photographer in New York, the city gives me a never-ending amount of beauty and mystery, and allows me to capture a completely different world outside of the UK. A photo taken in the Big Apple can never be mistaken for anywhere else.

New York and London are often compared to each other being two of the most iconic cities on the planet and I often get asked which one is my favourite . While they are similar in a multitude of ways, the differences are what makes New York so appealing to Europeans. There is a true obsession about the city and its appeal. While Europe and the UK both have larger metropolitan cities filled with history, these places don’t have the skyscrapers and uniqueness that comes with New York. Being a British photographer in New York, the views that can be seen from the tops of skyscrapers are unbelievable and so different from those in London, and it’s something that I want to remember and take advantage of while in the city.

New York is the type of city that can fascinate anyone, no matter their interests. The architecture and style are a lot different from that of Europe, and any other city for that matter. Additionally, the types of people and different things you can see here are never ending. You could visit New York a hundred times and still have surprises and views that have yet to be experienced.

New York is a place where people come to ‘make it.’ Dreams and goals are fulfilled here because the opportunities are endless. People can come to New York and be whoever they want to be; traveling allows you to do the same.

When I visit New York, it allows me to capture dreams coming true in photographs and I will continue coming back again and again. One of my biggest goals in photography is inspiring others to live out their dreams and pursue their goals. New York has so much to offer and has so many different cultures and people. Taking photos and capturing moments here and seeing the joy or success of others proves anything can happen, especially in The Big Apple.

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