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Call her “One Take OFI”

Give her a beat and she’ll breathe new life into it…Give her an opportunity and she’ll never let you down! Call her “One Take OFI”, the fastest up and coming independent artist who swooped into Summer 2021 and made it known that she is here to stay! With melodic tunes, catchy hooks and a voice you could never get tired of…OFI is here to make us sway our hips, snap our fingers and groove to the beat produced by ACE Life Entertainment.

Being a young woman of various ethnicities, Armenian, Black, and Filipino… to be exact…she brings all of who she is which is represented in a proud manner. Her sound is of an international flare! Not wanting to tie herself down to just one genre, OFI can go from Rap to International Pop with much ease and grace. ACE Life Ent., CEO Mr. V, made sure that her music production as well as video production is of the highest caliber! Having shot five videos that’s tied into a five part cartoon series which tells an interesting story in a comedic way. OFI’s first single, “Sirts Patrasta” (Heart Is Ready) which was released in Armenian featuring Armenian Pop Mega Star, Super Sako, reached over 9 million views without slowing down! Now that the English version has been released as of 12.31.21; OFI is showing us that she is no one hit wonder. With hits for days, we are expecting this young rising star to shoot off into the scene and become a household name! #OFI #FastestRisingArtist #InternationalMusic

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