California laws for electric cars in express lanes must change: Roadshow

Q: With the state moving to a larger number of electric vehicles on the road, and the 2035 EV mandate, when will EVs lose carpool privileges?

Randy Breunling, San Jose

A: EVs won’t lose carpool privileges and express lane discounts anytime soon, although the state will need to renew legislation so that future cars can qualify for them.

Q: I’m confused as to who is entitled to a tax credit for their electric car manufactured in the United States. I’ve read that the Biden administration has allocated new dollars for electric car tax credits. I tried to convince my tax preparer that under the new allocations, my 2022 Tesla Y now qualifies. She explained to me that only cars bought after Aug. 15, 2022 qualify. I bought mine in January 2022. Is this true?

Allen Ventura

A: Your tax preparer knows more about that than I do. For EVs sold from Jan. 1, 2023 on, they must meet the requirements under the Inflation Reduction Act. For information on those requirements, see the rules posted on the IRS website.

Under these requirements, most EVs qualify, subject to the owners’ income level.

Q: We own a Chevy Bolt and really like it as a second car. Our primary car is a gas-powered Ford Escape. I can fill it in 15 minutes. Many readers seem to put up with the inconveniences of charging an EV for much longer. But John Q. Public is not going to be happy about needing to have a lengthy lunch and long walk while his EV charges. It’s not practical yet, as a primary car.

Bob McFarlane, San Jose

A: And…

Q: EV charging requires a paradigm shift away from the gas station model. Cars sit for over 20 hours a day. Plug them in while you’re doing something else. This year I don’t think I waited even once for any of our cars to charge. A “primary car” is usually one driven less than 50 miles per day in the Bay Area. Any battery electric vehicle (BEV) easily does that.

Sara Cottingham, San Jose

A: And…

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