Biden’s beyond-surreal border mess

In the final hours before Title 42 goes away, everything surrounding the waves of illegal migrants has grown increasingly surreal.

New video footage shows stunningly long lines of migrants freely — but illegally — making their way from Mexico into Texas, even as Team Biden keeps calling the border “secure.”

Many migrants are never caught.

But for those who are, or who voluntarily turn themselves in after crossing illegally, Customs and Border Protection is supposed to issue notices to appear to be “removed.”

Few ever show up.

Those who do so get hearings where they may legally be released, even though they’re still technically illegal immigrants.

In other words, they become “legal” illegals.

Then there are the hundreds of thousands whom Team Biden has waved in on “parole,” meaning they can enter the country but not be “admitted.”

(Got that? Neither do we.)

More: Asylum seekers are directed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices so backlogged, they must wait as long as a decade just to start the immigration process.

And a court date might not be set for years after that.

The Biden administration will lift Title 42 this week.
The Biden administration will lift Title 42 tonight.
Robert Miller

Oh, and 99% of those who use the CBP One app to apply for asylum are approved, even though most face no actual danger.

Gaming the system is standard: As Todd Bensman noted in The Post, for example, many Venezuelans seeking entry on asylum or humanitarian claims haven’t even lived in Venezuela for years.

Not to worry: President Biden is rushing troops to the border.

A whopping 1,500 of them, that is — to help deal with the hundreds of thousands expected to rush in.

Of course, the troops won’t actually stop illegal entries but just help with paperwork — most of which is about letting migrants roam the nation freely.

Meanwhile, Biden’s main tactic for “stopping” illegal immigrants is to … deem them “legal.”

Under Biden, “the United States has seen the largest expansion of lawful pathways” for migrants “in decades,” brags White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan.

And that “legalization” is all without Congress passing any new laws.

Migrants gathered at the border to be processed by Border Patrol on May 11, 2023.
Migrants gathered at the border to be processed by the Border Patrol on May 11, 2023.
New York Post

On top of all that, Fox reports that the Border Patrol will begin “mass releases” of migrants to border-city streets, if charities can’t hold them.

Yet Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says his state can’t handle the influx and he’ll have to bus migrants to places like New York.

Which has New York City Mayor Eric Adams fuming — even as he himself hopes to palm off migrants on places like Rockland County.

Rockland and other counties, for their part, have declared states of emergency.

Migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande to enter the United States near Matamoros, Mexico on May 11, 2023.
Migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande to enter the United States near Matamoros, Mexico, on May 11, 2023.
Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP via Getty Images

Gov. Kathy Hochul declared one for the state, though she’s so far staying out of the NYC-vs.-the ‘burbs battles.

That’s where things stand: Musical migrants. Governors and local leaders at war. Ten-year waits. States of emergency. Legal illegals.

Not to mention the influx of criminals and drugs.

And the madness will only grow after midnight Thursday, when Title 42 ends.

When exactly did America vote to put Salvador Dalí in charge of immigration?

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