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Beyond Figurative – Li Tang Gallery Presents Abstract, Distortion & Fragmentation International Juried Exhibition

New York, NY – Li Tang Gallery is proud to present its latest online group exhibition titled “Abstract, Distortion & Fragmentation”, which will be held from April 3 to June 23, 2023. The exhibition features the works of artists who have explored abstraction with no limitations on media, taking inspiration from art’s historical lineage or blazing new paths in the field of abstraction. The show invites artists who find new ways to connect with audiences beyond the figurative, from vivid colors and patterns to those who work in black and white or monochromatic approaches.

After receiving an overwhelming response of 1335 artwork submissions from all over the world, our guest jury, consisting of Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Phil Zheng Cai, and E.E. Jacks, had a challenging task selecting the artists for the show due to the high quality of the submissions. The selected artists have managed to push the boundaries of abstraction, connecting with audiences in new and exciting ways.

Juror Chun Hua Catherine Dong is a multimedia artist based in Montréal, Canada, who has exhibited her works in various galleries and spaces across the world. She remarked, “The opportunity to see such a wide range of abstract artworks, created by talented artists, is truly enriching and inspiring experience. I am deeply impressed by the boundless imagination and unique visions that the artists bring to their work. It is a delight to be part of the process of selecting excellent abstract artworks and observe the limitless creativity and innovation.”

Phil Zheng Cai, Partner at Eli Klein Gallery and member of the jury, expressed, “How we abstract is essentially how we live. I’ve always preferred to look at abstraction from a broader epistemological perspective rather than a pure style in art. This has been an amazing experience to “live” with all the artists to experience how they abstract.”

E.E. Jacks, an artist, professional art advisor, and curator, added, “Set within themes of abstraction, this exhibition was an absolute delight for me to jury and delve into. In the voices and raw materials of each piece, a singular almost cellular narrative evolved. Every artistic interpretation and fragment, imagines those internal passages and links us to the unconscious in a beautifully tactile and harmonious way.”

The online group exhibition features the works of Jaynie Crimmins, Kate Rusek, Naomi Even-Aberle, Yangyang Mao, Kevin Costello, Jongwook Park, Agina Chinedu, H.C. Tiffany Lo, Bonam Kim, Alexey Adonin, Alexandra Chiou, Ainhoa Akutain, Zoha Malik, Yang Mai, Madeline Brice, Gabriel Palma, Weihui Lu, Annie Clavel, Andrew Chalfen, Ami Park, John Kayode, Jean-Michel Rolland, Yukiko Nakashima, and Traci Johnson. The exhibition also includes honorable mentions for Jessica Swank, Yiyi Wang, and Kaitlin Santoro.

The exhibition is curated by the Li Tang team and will be promoted on the Li Tang Gallery website, social media, and press coverage in the United States and China. The exhibition is supported by the All America Chinese Youth Federation and the Art America China Project, with media support from the Los Angeles Post.

The exhibition title “Abstract, Distortion & Fragmentation” aptly describes the diverse and intriguing works that viewers can expect to see. Visitors can look forward to experiencing a range of abstraction styles, from bold and vivid to subtle and subdued. The exhibition provides a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and innovation in the field of abstraction, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

“Abstract, Distortion & Fragmentation” is an exciting exhibition that provides a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of abstraction. We invite art enthusiasts and collectors to visit the exhibition online and immerse themselves in the stunning works on display.

(Images courtesy of Li Tang Gallery)

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