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Ameer Almaliki Stitches His Dream into Reality

Ameer Almaliki, originally from Baghdad, Iraq is taking streetwear to the next level through his clothing line, MOLVO. With inspiration taken from all corners of the world’s most affluent fashion cities, this outfitter will stop at nothing to grow his brand. Almaliki’s long history of retail and entrepreneurship have helped him to push the envelope and launch his brand MOLVO.

Almaliki was not always the fashion guru that we know him to be today. Almaliki and his family had moved from Iraq to Egypt at a young age, where his family started their own restaurant business. Almaliki’s humble beginning, working at his family’s restaurant in Egypt, not only taught him the persistence needed to have a successful business but, the power of listening to advice from family and friends.

After 10-years of living in Egypt with his family, Almaliki and his family moved to the U.S. Through trips to New York City and Boston, Almaliki noticed that fashion in America felt less formal and was unique to each individual person; his love for fashion grew. After landing his first retail job at Zara in Massachusetts, Almaliki was able to take note of the trending styles he saw come in and out of the store. Although Zara represents European fashion, Almaliki loved how the brand’s style mimicked luxury brands but also kept an unique flare.

Fashion began to become a serious part of Almaliki’s life. With promotion after promotion in the Zara stores to collaborating as an influencer with major brands like Express, Reebok, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and many more, Almaliki was ready to take his career to the next level.

In 2020, when the pandemic shut down stores, leaving retail workers jobless, Almaliki took this time to reflect more on the idea of starting his own brand. When stores began to reopen, Almaliki wanted to seriously start working on his own brand and gave his notice at Zara.

In September of 2021, Almaliki flew to Turkey to meet with vendors and gather his first collection of streetwear. In the fall of 2021; Almaliki’s dream came to fruition and MOLVO launched online. With the hype of his online store, Almaliki couldn’t just stop there. Just 2 months later, MOLVO’s storefront opened at the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Almaliki’s fashion line resembles styles of streetwear inspired from luxury brands while emphasizing individuality for all. At MOLVO, customers can find basics to trends and everything in between. Almalki isn’t just the face of the brand, if you are visiting the retail store at the Solomon Pond Mall you will see him styling and getting to know all his customers.

Almaliki continues to push his brand out there and hopes to grow his own personal collections as well as open more stores throughout the country. MOLVOs’ collection is for all men, and will continue to focus on men while diving into other styles such as formal wear and basics. Almalki’s primary goal has never been to profit from his customers but to enjoy the work that he does. You can explore the world of fashion or tag along on his business ventures by reading his blog, ” ”, or following him on social media.

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