After volatile dinner, my cousin is saying I’m in danger

Dear Amy: Two years ago, my family experienced the tragedy of a homicide-suicide by a beloved family member. It was a difficult time for all.

The evening of the night it happened, I was there and am believed to be the last person to have seen them alive. I am in therapy now, but I really struggled with this.

Last year, we held a beautiful memorial tribute to our deceased family members. Many people came in from out of town, and I opened my home over that week as a place to gather.

My husband and I had dinner with my daughter, my cousin and my sibling’s family, and we talked about the tragedy. My husband unfortunately was drinking too much, and my cousin took offense. She began to needle him verbally, and he barked at her.

I was furious with him that evening and did my best to smooth it over with her.

In my mind, her actions were less wrong. She was grieving and has had a negative experience with someone in her life related to alcohol.

I have forgiven my husband. He’s hurting, too.

Both of them acted poorly, but I can understand and forgive.

I thought that was the end of it. However, recently this cousin reached out to my young adult daughter to say that she has been thinking about me and is concerned for my safety.

Amy, this man has never and will never hurt me.

I was taken aback and feel that it was wrong of her to put my daughter in this position. If she has concerns about me, shouldn’t she reach out to me?

She is aware that I have plenty of opportunities to seek help, should I need it.

Should I reach out to her and assure her that I am safe? Should I let it go?

It is bothering me that she is sharing this viewpoint with other family members as well.

Trying to Heal in PA

Dear Trying to Heal: I am so sorry your family has experienced this terrible tragedy. I assume you are all still reeling from the many layers of grief, anger and confusion surrounding that night.

It does seem strange that your cousin would wait many months to voice her concern about your safety, and that she would share this with your daughter instead of with you.

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