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Who is Freddy Will?

You might already have an idea of the charisma of this Euro diplomat. Thousands know him as Freddy Will, Tha Sandmann, or Wilfred Kanu Jr. According to his official website, Freddy Will is an Afropolitan entrepreneur (Sierra Leone origin) who started his writing career in Canada. The American mixed his hip hop music with afrobeat, calypso, soca, rock, r&b, and classical music. Everyone was stunned at how this millionaire distributes his books and music worldwide.

We calculated a diverse hodge-podge of 50,000 loyal followers across the US and Canada who watch Freddy Will on various platforms. His name pops up in conversations about political discourses. He writes blogs on Facebook from posh manors in some of the loveliest countries in the world—France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, or Canada—respectfully spreading his name and messages in diplomacy and the indie media cycle in all of these countries.   

Freddy Will has reportedly managed to gain dual citizenship in a few notable countries, including Grenada and Canada. He has lived in over seven countries—Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, the USA, Canada, Belgium, and Germany, to name a few. He speaks American English and Krio wearing a chic personality, but his fans esteem him as a down-to-earth philanthropist who once volunteered for humanitarian causes providing scholarships for young students.

An intellectual rapper

Much has been said about Freddy’s upbringing, mainly growing up in Liberia and Sierra Leone collectively in his first fifteen years. Some say he was a victim of the Liberian and Sierra Leonean civil wars. Others say he was from the streets, yet some say he was shot at least once. We confirmed that he comes from a diverse Sierra Leonean family with roots in Nigeria, Mali, and Senegal. He also has other family ties in Grenada, Canada, Guyana, and the United States.

Freddy Will is the second of five siblings from an Abrahamic background (Jewish, Islamic & Christian). Since his family intermarried and often immigrated, he attended Catholic primary and secondary schools. Freddy gained further education at Raritan Valley Community College, studying theater arts, and trained as a phlebotomist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in the US. After launching his third book and album, he trained as a paramedic in Canada.

Freddy Will’s fame began as a rapper thanks to his extensive musical background. His early music catalog embraces hardcore hip-hop songs that showcase strong lyrical and songwriting skills. He dropped the rapper image when he started releasing “crossover” music with accompanying books and a blog published as Buntry Nimrod, which he ran from 2007 to 2022. This blog helped spur his seven-volume series of books, which he dubbed The Sandman’s Journal.

Freddy had enlisted the help of a Toronto-based music producer, later revealed as one of his former teenage friends from Africa, to record an anticipated 2006 mixtape or album. As he recently told The Washington Mail, their friendship turned sour with his rise to fame. He claimed he was equally interested in playing executive roles as a recording artist. This friend was a soon-to-be CEO of an independent record label that expanded his recording artists’ roster in Toronto.

A musical diplomat, author & publisher

By 2014, Freddy had written three books, attracting the attention of some in the Nigerian, Kenyan, and Sierra Leonean scene. All the media attention offered the opportunity for business partnerships in Africa. The Living N Toronto star caused quite a stir in 2016 when he announced he was leaving his beloved city of Toronto to live in Brussels, Belgium as a diplomat. He did not reveal the details of his new diplomatic status other than acquiring homes in Belgium and Germany.

He released two more crossover hip hop albums featuring artists from Kenya, Italy, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Egypt, and Sierra Leone. Further inquiries revealed that the American-Canadian from Sierra Leone had amassed a net worth of $5 million from exclusive world tours, music publishing, and other business ventures. The prolific author, already featured on four limited-edition Sierra Leone stamps, has over ten years of jaw-dropping photos and posts on his Facebook page.

Surprisingly, Freddy Will rarely posts on Instagram Live or Twitter. He blogs directly to his Facebook wall, often leaving his social media unattended for days. The diplomat has written on his Facebook status, remarking that he doesn’t understand the purpose of Instagram and Twitter, preferring to use Facebook and LinkedIn. For more than ten years, Freddy used Facebook as his travel blog, posting photos of his international travels literary and musical undertakings.

His Berlin offices indicate that he has a traditional Abrahamic belief resembling his family’s Pentecostal ideology, although he claims to be a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic who attends Sunday Mass. We believe, politically, he is an Independent who voted twice for former President Barak Obama and spoke positively about many of President Donald Trump’s policies. He was suspicious of the Democrats and doubted the flow of the 2020 general election.

While Freddy Will claims to be Independent of US political concerns, he holds a dissimilar party-political stance in Canada. As a Canadian, he identifies with the Liberal Party of Canada. Although many of his blogs on radical feminism are conservative, his writing on geopolitics and social justice is liberal. He frequently alleges vital company policies and the mainstream media of being sexist against straight men and speaks out against gun violence and racial injustice.

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