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Wegman & Levin Attorneys Earn The Best Lawyers Award In America 2022

Three attorneys from Wegman & Levin were recognized in the Best Lawyers Awards in America edition for 2022. 

It is considered an honor by both clients and attorneys alike to receive recognition in the Best Lawyers Award, which is based solely on peer review. Michael M. Levin , Debra J. Wegman , and Liv Donnadieu , three of Wegman and Levin’s attorneys, have been awarded “Lawyer of the Year” accolades in Los Angeles. The awards are presented to attorneys who have received the best overall peer review for a specific practice area and geographical region.

 Over the past 25 years, Michael M. Levin has been working as a criminal defense lawyer in private practice. From DUI to capital murder, he has conducted numerous jury trials. He also spends countless hours reviewing evidence, conducting legal research, and meeting with clients and witnesses. With more than thirty years of experience, Mr. Levin has developed deep connections in the criminal defense field and other related fields. He tells clients the truth rather than just what they want to hear. Mr. Levin has gained a strong reputation for integrity and candor. Because of these relationships, Mr. Levin is typically able to assist clients when they need their attorney to go the extra mile. Having spent over thirty years in the criminal defense field, Mr. Levin understands the importance of knowledge, relationships, and insight. Michael Levin excels in a wide range of areas, including criminal defense, appeals and quasi-criminal matters including restraining orders and professional licenses. 

Debra J. Wegman has been representing clients in civil and criminal cases with integrity and dedication for more than 38 years, concentrating on appeals and complex cases. In addition to her published California Court of Appeal cases, Ms. Wegman is the former president of a statewide association for trial lawyers in California. Her advocacy on behalf of the rights of individuals against powerful corporations and government agencies has influenced legislators in Sacramento. During the corruption scandal surrounding former Insurance Commissioner Quackenbush after the Northridge earthquake, she testified before the California State Senate Judiciary Insurance Subcommittee. Formerly editor of The Advocate, a trial lawyer journal, Wegman has served as both a moderator and speaker in numerous educational conferences. No matter the nature of a client’s case, Wegman believes thorough preparation is essential. Wegman commits to providing her clients with the same level of excellence and attention. Even though no lawyer can predict the outcome of a case, Ms. Wegman’s meticulous attention to detail and legal scholarship ensure that each of her clients will receive a comprehensive and high-quality defense.

Originally from Paris, Liv Donnadieu studied at the Sorbonne University. During her time interning in capital markets, she studied capital market law intensively for five years before receiving a scholarship from UCLA Law School to continue her studies. In addition to her expertise in corporate and capital market law, Liv has successfully defended clients accused of white-collar crimes at the state and federal levels. She passed the California bar exam one year after graduating from UCLA law school, then the New York bar exam after graduation. Liv worked as a law clerk for several Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys before joining Wegman & Levin. Her interest was sparked by this experience. In the end, she decided to leave the corporate world and join Wegman & Levin as a full-time criminal defense attorney. During the past eight weeks, Liv has co-chaired an eight-week trial, conducted numerous hearings, and researches and argues complex legal issues. In addition to advocating for the mentally ill, she remain committed to reforming the criminal justice system.

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