Tyler Grosso at Concept Korea!

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New York Fashion Week has returned, and the runways were filled with jaw-dropping strokes of creativity, innovation, and genius. The weeklong event welcomed some of the most prominent designers, models, and celebrities to NYC as designers showcased their Spring/Summer 2023 collections.

An NYFW spotlight show from the week was Concept Korea. Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism & produced by KOCCA, Concept Korea is a platform for Korean designers to gain more recognition in Fashion. This year, Concept Korea featured three designers and their collections. Each collection communicated a unique cultural and personal story. Those designers were; Cahiers, Besfxxk, and Ul:kin.

All three designers brought their unique style and direction:
• Cahiers, focused on looks that were inspired by Korean student uniforms as symbols of the youth. The looks were then reinterpreted with the brand’s signature feminine touch.
• Ulkin presented their rebuilt, sustainably created hallmark designs in womenswear and menswear-the brand advocates for more awareness and action against manufactured and natural calamities with a DIY twist.
• Besfexxk showcased an illusionary collection with cinched placements, ruching designs, and asymmetrical shapes.

Amongst those sitting front row were Tyler Grosso, Trinidad James, Mariama Diallo, and 2023 ambassador Hyoyeon Kim. Tyler Grosso, aka Ty, is a born and raised New Yorker with an eye for Fashion. He was spotted wearing a fantastic eye-turning outfit. He is a Fresh Face in the Fashion Scene with Rockstar and Superstar Energy. His creativity, originality, and unique vision for fashion can be seen in his pictures.

Tyler Grosso via Getty Images

Backstage after the show, we caught up with Ty to get his insight into this year’s designers and his thoughts on the show.

Who are you wearing?
I am wearing MaxxiJ for my jacket, Besfxxk for my shirt, Seokwoon Yoon for my shorts, and Rick Owens for my Boots. This look came together with help from my friend/stylist, Marvin Revells.

What was your favorite part of the fashion show?
I loved how the show started with a longboard performance by Ko Hyojoo. I love to see how creative and unique fashion shows can be. So this moment was special for me.

Are you here to support any models or designers?
Yes, I am here to support all the designers, but more so my friend Bona Kim, part owner and head designer at Besfxxk. She did a fantastic job creating wearable structures that can be worn daily.

What other Fashion brands have your attention and are doing things differently?
I would say MMAM, Maison Nica, Holy Number 7, Seokwoon Yoon, Vegan Tiger, and Greedilous. These designers prioritize bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship while creating amazing collections and elevating street-style Fashion.

We are looking forward to seeing Ty walking on a fashion runway soon. Keep an eye out for this Fashion Model. Tyler Grosso is on the RISE!

Written By – Eric Thompson
Lifestyle Editor at The New York Today

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