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There’s Something Extra Special About These Initial Necklaces

If you think about it, it is quite easy to imagine an Initial necklace looking beautiful and shiny on the neck of its wearer or on yourself, and at the same time quite difficult to ignore its shine, its meaning, and even the enigma that it transmit.

Among all your outfit, the necklace is perhaps the most curious and easily seen piece, in addition, when they have such a careful design, practical and capable of adapting to everything, it is much easier to include it as a safe choice for any occasion.

This is undoubtedly the case of the initial necklace by Albert Hern, a brand that, despite having been on the market for almost 60 years, I recently discovered and loved. Their details and the hidden meanings depending on the gem they are embedded with make them a personalized and really special gift.

One of its greatest virtues is its oval-cut natural gems, a very different design from what we have been used to and which, in my opinion, highlights the brilliance of the gem much better and gives personality to its shape, as well as being modern. In line with current trends.

Choose your gems, discover your colors

Why choose simple necklaces without charisma when you can enhance your style and fill it with joy?

Once you dig into the collection a bit, you will realize the wide range of colors, gemstones and high-quality materials (white, yellow and rose gold) that you can choose from.

As for its meaning, I must say that this is what has captivated me the most. Each birthstone represents a month of the year, as well as some characteristics of its wearer. Passion, creativity, love, honesty, wisdom, bravery are some of them depending on the type of birthstone you choose.

The pieces are designed by hand with an evident care in the details; a magical touch without a doubt, one that also makes them feel really exclusive. It will surely be a very special gift, an unforgettable memory.

Are Albert Hern’s initial necklaces worth it?

Of all the pieces of jewelry that I have used, it is possible that my initial is one of the ones that I like the most. Being able to combine it with anything and use it in my day to day life has made it an almost indispensable piece of my outfit. Not to mention what it represents about me, my name, my identity and my virtues.

In short, they are well worth it, whether you want to give it to someone you love, or if you want it for yourself.

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