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The Most Subscribed YouTuber in the world, Mr. Beast, strikes a deal with South African filmmaker, Dan Mace, to run his Beast Philanthropy channel

The world of YouTube just got even more exciting with the announcement of a new collaboration between South African filmmaker Dan Mace and the world’s most subscribed YouTuber, MrBeast. This partnership sees Mace join forces with Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, to run the Beast Philanthropy channel, a platform that leverages the massive following of the Beast channels to raise funds for important causes and make a real difference in the world. With over 129 million subscribers and a staggering 1.8% of the world’s population tuning into MrBeast’s content, this collaboration has the potential to make a considerable impact and inspire positive change on a massive scale.

MrBeast is known for his elaborate stunts and generous giveaways in his videos, but he also uses his platform for good through his philanthropy channel. The channel was created in September 2020 and runs a charity and food bank that leverages the social media outreach of all of MrBeast’s channels to help raise funds for causes like alleviating hunger, homelessness, and unemployment. The idea behind the channel was born from MrBeast’s desire to use his YouTube earnings to make a difference in the world and inspire positive change.

Dan Mace first met with the Beast Philanthropy team after they approached his creative agency, JOE, to help produce one of their videos in South Africa. The project was a huge success, and Beast Philanthropy announced its plan to rebuild an orphanage in Cape Town over the next six months. The latest video from the channel showcases the team’s efforts to renovate 12 houses at the orphanage and provide financial relief to keep the doors open. The project was especially meaningful to Dan, as it showcased the efforts of his fellow South Africans to help those in need by providing a haven for orphaned children.

When MrBeast offered Dan the position of Chief Creative Officer of the Philanthropy Channel, he jumped at the opportunity. Dan has always aimed to use his voice to inspire his viewers through his unique storytelling style and perspective, and this role allowed him to continue doing so while making a positive impact through the YouTube platform. He was also excited to learn from and work with the knowledgeable and talented team at Beast Philanthropy.

Dan and his production team, JOE, will be working to reshape the look and feel of the channel while maintaining high retention and views. The goal is to find the perfect balance between making the content beautiful and moving while also keeping it entertaining. This is a new challenge for YouTube, and Dan is excited to be a pioneer in this unique style of filmmaking for the platform.

Despite the initial challenges, Dan is confident that the projects he will work on with Beast Philanthropy will create long-term change for communities worldwide. He also plans to make his own YouTube videos behind the scenes to give viewers a glimpse into the work of a genius like MrBeast.

Dan Mace’s partnership with Beast Philanthropy and MrBeast represents a new and exciting opportunity for the filmmaker to use his skills and platform to impact the world positively. He is eager to work with the talented team at Beast Philanthropy and to pioneer a new style of filmmaking on YouTube that combines beauty, entertainment, and social impact.

For Dan, joining forces with MrBeast is not only an exciting opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the YouTube industry but also a chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of making meaningful content that inspires and empowers viewers. Get ready to witness the beginning of a new era in social media and filmmaking as Dan and MrBeast join forces to bring their unique visions to life.

The Beast Philanthropy video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHXFQSlXNa4

Anyone can watch the announcement video that dan has posted on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/36Z4i_VFM4U

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