The guy ‘WAP’ is taking the world by storm

Who knew there would be a “guy” version of the famous Cardi B song WAP? That’s the case for up-and-coming music artist Devin Millar.

The song is titled BFD, which stands for “big fat d**k” and has been racking up social media and reached number 9 on Billboard. The song has also been nominated for awards. The animated video was released on July 31, 2022, onto the Devin Millar YouTube channel. Which shows a bear guy and is modeled directly after WAP. Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion has yet to respond to this song video, but there are internet memes all over YouTube and TikTok of this song.

The animation was created by Devin Millar himself in his room and using his computer and mouse. He does not use a tablet, unlike other animators and artists.

“It’s just me and my computer and mouse  I tend to work very quickly.” Says Millar on his technique.

In reality, Devin created the song as a way to end the double standard regarding men’s sexuality. He believes people misunderstand men and ridicule them for expressing themselves sexually. He wants men and women to understand each other by using this song and wishes to unite them in a fun, EDM-sounding way.

“My mission is to unite everyone. I am so inspired by women and girls, for fashion and my personality. I also just want everyone to be together. That’s all. Simple.” Millar says in response to the initial controversy.

Devin Millar does other music besides this as well as animations to go with them, songs such as “Hoody”, “Daddy”, and “Blush” which are all popular on social media. This includes YouTube and TikTok. Some critics and conservatives have criticized Devin for his wild style unlike the average boy pop singer and music producer, but it seems he does not care at all. It seems he is fueled by it. This is a unique trait about Devin.

Unlike Sam Smith and Lil Nas X, who look tame compared to him, Devin also goes out to a wide variety of audiences around the world. This particular song in general has been taking the world by storm by charting all over. It also has gotten many views on the internet and we bet you probably have seen this at one point when scrolling.

Thanks to Devin, we can only hope for a better future and hopefully, everyone will be better understood.

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