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In an era of rapid global change, we’ve seen countless businesses close and companies falter since early 2020. Amid the economic ashes, however, there have also been great leaps forward and surprising breakthroughs across many industries to evolve with the new financial landscape.

One such leap forward in the fintech sector is NeonCEO, dubbed the world’s most powerful business startup platform. NeonCEO was founded in Sydney Australia in 2020 by visionary advertising executive and CEO of Wirekloud Technologies Benjamin Sarabande and mining magnate Bennet Schwartz (major shareholder).

Co-founders of NeonCEO Benjamin Sarabande (left) and Bennet Schwartz (right).

The NeonCEO platform allows startup founders to create a company profile, and then search for skilled users to join their company for a percentage of the company ownership right within the platform, rather than needing large amounts of capital to start a business. NeonCEO also offers a host of powerful features that allow users to manage their company, conduct video meetings, chat, set schedules, and link their accounting software right into their company profile. In addition, users can also search thousands of industry reports from around the world, invest in companies, search for investors, or freelance for companies on the platform.

Major shareholder and business strategist, mining magnate Bennet Schwartz (pictured right) states “there are so many people who have startup ideas that could change the world, but those ideas sadly will never be realised without the right platform and the right team around them to make it a reality. We hope to solve this problem with our platform, which connects skilled entrepreneurs globally, and makes startup ideas a reality”.

Benjamin Sarabande (pictured left), co-founder and creative director of NeonCEO recently finished overseeing the production of the company’s first major advertising campaign. “It was a challenge to appeal to our demographic which in a large part are millennials. That demographic in particular are searching for ways to launch startups and make their mark in the business world as they reach their 30s and 40s. NeonCEO was designed to not only give everyone the opportunity to launch a successful empire, but to also assemble and manage the perfect team from around the world with the right skills and vision to do so”.

The initial $10m valuation is predicted to rise sharply as the first raise of $2 million happens in late 2021. Company founders Bennet Schwartz and Benjamin Sarabande then plan to move Series-B funding to the U.S market, where investors are itching to claim the next breakthrough fintech empire in an industry that’s worth hundreds of billions. Globally, the value of investment in Fintech companies amounted to approximately 112 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, which was a record high for the sector (

2021 is set to break those records as the pandemic has forced many to search for new ways to earn money.

Here’s hoping NeonCEO heralds a new era of business that removes friction between founders, investors, co-founders and freelancers; who knows what lofty ideals and high-minded startups will come when once insurmountable barriers are removed by revolutionary platforms like NeonCEO.

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