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Swiss-American Painter Minoo supports the caretaker teams in the local hospitals

In the spirit of comradery and togetherness, we intend to reach out to all caregivers in healthcare facilities whose resilience has surpassed expectation in the most recent trying times. In the wake of one of the most threatening and deadliest pandemics, our caregivers have relentlessly offered their services in ensuring the wellbeing of all their patients. It’s no longer about the Hippocratic Oath, our healthcare professionals have reminded us the basis of humanity and sacrifice. The least we can do is let them know that we see them, we hear them and we acknowledge them.

A lot of people have come out to show their appreciation in so many ways, actions have indeed spoken on behalf of the majority. The pandemic has gone on for so long, exceeding the timelines earlier on predicted. People got tired along the way, others gave up and as much as this demoralizes healthcare professionals, they till pressed on. Through her art, Minoo has warmed the hearts of our caregivers. The artist shows her appreciation and encouragement through her paintings. In such trying times, a word of encouragement goes a long way and this has been proved through Minoo’s simple act of giving out one of her original paintings, an original poem and a box of chocolate distributed to the caregivers in the four main hospitals in Switzerland.

Merci, Thank You, Danke­; in three different languages, Minoo says “Thank you” to the caregivers. Through her poem, she reminds the public of a time when we showed gratitude and applauded our healthcare professionals. Was it worth the effort? The silence towards our caregivers is too loud and she decides to do something about it. There is nothing much we can do to try and help, the regulations regarding quarantine measures restrict a lot of physical involvement. The least we can do is send a message of appreciation, write a poem, sing a song or even get back to the balconies and applaud hospital staff once in a while.

So what was the motivation behind the artist’s project? Minoo explained that the caring gesture was to express support for the hospital teams and to let them know that their efforts during their endless work shifts were much appreciated. She states, “I have several friends who work in the medical field, and they tell me how tired and disillusioned their colleagues are. The pandemic has been going on for so long that the care teams are stretched to their limits, and I wanted to show them that their efforts are not forgotten.”

As Minoo’s ‘Serenity’ paintings continue to lighten up the challenging hospital environment, it’s a wakeup call for the rest of us to do more. The pandemic has proved to be stubborn with number of infections soaring, a lot of our care givers are giving up and leaving the profession. The burnout is real, and the motivation is zero. Let us wake up and clap for our caregivers, let’s encourage them by all means possible.

Find Minoo on Instagram: @minoo_artwork


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