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Stay Connected With Those Who Matter Using Ground Breaking New Social Media Platform

(March 9th , 2022) – Recently launched social media platform Matter is redefining communication by allowing users everywhere to be themselves with those who are closest to them.

Current social media platforms present an air of in-authenticity and not a space where families and close friends can connect authentically. Matter was designed to provide a welcome reprieve.

Matter, at its core, focuses on cultivating and maintaining genuine connections by utilizing potent audio-visual technology. The platform is a medium for content-driven video updates. It also features a Q and A section titled Questions that Matter. 

Social media may allow users to interact, but it doesn’t foster deep connections. Instead of likes and superficial comments, Matter will enable users to deep dive into the lives of loved ones like never before.

This intense desire to stay connected to people prompted Santiago Gorbea and Alexis Steckel to create Matter in June 2021. The two 23-year-olds who hail from Mexico City realized that when Alexis’ grandfather passed away, there were no photos or videos present of him on his phone. Realizing that this is an issue that most likely plagues many families, the duo set out to create a platform where connections, family, and experiences could be permanently memorialized despite distance and time. This initial idea blossomed into Matter.

With Matter, the lines of communication are maintained via prompts and videos. While using the application, users can create groups with friends, family, coworkers or anyone that truly matters. Prompts can be sent in for everyone to answer and staying up to date with what otters are doing is just a simple scroll through the group’s feed. Most importantly, there are no stifling censors and creativity can roam free.

Now everyone can keep track of all those who matter.

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