School teaching wrong lesson about educator with Z-cup ‘breasts’

Students at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario are about to get a very pointed lesson.

And lord no, it’s not about radical acceptance or human respect.

Instead, the high school, which is back in session next week, is teaching impressionable teens that the world will not only cheer on insane machinations — it will contort itself to accommodate them, at the cost of others.

That lesson may not be on the official syllabus, but it’s the obvious takeaway from actions by the Canadian school’s two giant boobs: recently hired teacher Kayla Lemieux and principal Tom Fisher.

If mammory fails, Lemieux is the woodshop teacher who became an international headline machine last year after showing up to a previous high school job in Z-cup prosthetic breasts with obscenely protruding nipples so big they look like they could cut clean through the windshield of an F150.

Last spring, Lemieux was placed on paid leave by Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School after The Post reported that the teacher doesn’t always sport the jumbo jugs around town and was seen in new photographs as a run-of-the-mill dude.

Lemieux has denied being the person in the photo and insisted that the breasts are the all-natural byproduct of a rare medical condition, which does indeed exist, called “gigantomastia.” Though the 39-year-old acknowledged it wasn’t a formal diagnosis.

Kayla Lemieux walks on crutches.
Lemieux has been hired at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario.

Now, in a memo obtained by the Toronto Sun, Fisher informed parents that the school has brought on board, a teacher, who was “recently the subject of public attention, pertaining to their gender expression.” And as a result, the school is overhauling its security protocols and how they interact with parents.

“We are writing to you today because we anticipate the school your child is attending this year, Nora Frances Henderson, may receive some level of public attention, and we want to communicate what this means for you, your children, and our school,” the memo said.

“All students and visitors will be required to use an intercom system to enter and exit the building” with parents asked “to email or call before coming to the school if they wish to visit or speak to an employee.”

Kayla Lemieux presenting as male
The Post photographed Lemieux last year presenting as a regular dude, though the teacher has denied being the person in this photo.
Nick Kozak

Rerouting streams for an entire student body because of a set of fake hooters. That’s out there, even for 2023.

Fisher, noting Lemieux’s “gender expression,” said the Hamilton-Wentworth District school board has “an obligation to uphold individual rights and treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

The board’s obligation to pupils be damned.

Kayla LeMieux without a wig, skydiving.
Kayla Lemieux’s wig fell off while skydiving with a porn star.

Schools used to at least pretend to be child-centric — nurturing places where students’ interests were not subverted to the whims of a teacher who, five years ago, would have been a popular Jerry Springer guest.

Allowing this charade opens up a giant Pandora’s box of possibility for students.

In our brave new cultural frontier of infinite genders, no matter how crazy or disruptive your chosen agenda, kink or delusion, the system will rewire itself entirely to ensure you can live out your bizarre fantasy in peace.

Kayla Lemieux
Lemieux’s presence at the new school has led to new procedures for students and parents.

By playing along, the school has tossed all standards and rules out the window.

And Lemieux? I believe the teacher is a brilliant troll, punking us all in a captivating performance that would make Sacha Baron Cohen jealous.

But in the meantime, good luck to Fisher’s dean of discipline! And to the poor kids gullible enough to fall for the false idea peddled by the school’s administration — telling them that society will unequivocally wrap its arms around their chosen identity of the day.

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