Ring video shows Michael Burham, burning car on morning of Kala Hodgkin murder

Ring doorbell camera video shows fugitive murder suspect Michael Charles Burham on a woman’s front porch hours after police in New York say he gunned down Kala Hodgkin in May – before allegedly torching her car in the driveway and leaving behind a small fire extinguisher.

Burham was subsequently accused of kidnapping a Pennsylvania couple and leading police on a days-long manhunt that ended in rural South Carolina – only to escape jail last week and vanish into the woods again on the border of Pennsylvania and New York.

The 16-second video shows Burham opening a storm door, wearing a wool cap, jacket and sweatpants while carrying several items under his right arm around 4:30 a.m. on May 11. He taped a strip of rubber to the glass door and left behind a fire extinguisher.

A minute later, the Ring camera recorded a car bursting into flames in the background.

That’s shortly after he allegedly killed Hodgkin, with whom he shared a daughter. According to federal court filings, he had been wanted on allegations that he’d raped Hodgkin at the time of her shooting death.

He eluded authorities for the next 11 days. On May 20, a Pennsylvania couple was reported missing along with their car. South Caroline police found them safe two days later, along with a note from Burham to his father.

By May 23, after a couple and their dog spotted him trespassing near their shed, police captured him following a two-hour chase through the woods nearby.

Burham escaped jail after he was accused of kidnapping a couple.
Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office

“I’m not sorry for what I did, however I do feel terrible about the children,” the note read, according to court filings.

He wrote that he had “quit drinking” on May 10 and apologized “for all the problems” he caused his family.

Burham has been a heavy drinker for years, according to a source who knows him well and asked to remain anonymous, citing safety concerns as the murder suspect remains at large.

Kala Hodgkin was gunned down by Burham in May.
Kala Hodgkin was allegedly gunned down by Burham in May.
Kala Hodgkin/Facebook

“He drank a lot,” the source said. “From the time he woke up until he fell asleep, he had to have a beer in his hand. He also used cocaine over the last three or so years.”

Pennsylvania State Police, who are spearheading the manhunt, say Burham should be considered armed and dangerous.

The former Army reservist is believed to be a skilled survivalist and may be receiving aid while on the run, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens told reporters Monday.

“We do believe that he is getting some assistance,” Bivens revealed during his remarks Monday afternoon. “We are prepared to prosecute anyone who does offer him assistance.”

Footage from a Ring doorbell camera shows Burham on a woman's porch before 'allegedly torching her car in the driveway.'
Footage from a Ring doorbell camera shows Burham on a woman’s porch before ‘allegedly torching her car in the driveway.’
Fox News

Police believe he is still in Warren County or one of its surrounding areas, and multiple witnesses have been relocated for their safety pending his capture, according to authorities.

Police have been on his trail since early Friday and previously told Fox News that they’d uncovered a series of possible campsites in the area and did not believe the suspect had traveled far.

The source, however, said while Burham does have significant survival skills, he would likely have trouble feeding himself over a sustained period.

“At some point we will force him to make a mistake, and when he does, we will use that to our advantage,” Bivens said. 

U.S. Marshals joined the manhunt Saturday, announcing a reward of up to $9,500 for information leading to his capture.

The manhunt entered its fifth day Tuesday.

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