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Prince Steven Borjigin promotes American-Swedish relations through Sino-Swedish model

Jan 26,  2003 New York city, HRH Prince Steven Jorchen Borjigin, the 36th generation of the Mongolian princely family has hosted HE Elizabet Torophi Morner, a member of the Swedish House of Lords (Riddarhuset). Countess Torophi is a well-known soprano who held performances at the Royal Theater of Stockholm.

The function was held inside New York’s famous Banker Steakhouse in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The industry and media personnel such as Howard Guo, a diamond wholesaler, Jack Zhang, CEO of EStar TV, Mark Jia of International Industry EXPO CEO, Teresa Cheung, a Chinese TV host and model, all attended the function.

Prince Steven Jorchen Borjigin exchanged the gifts with the countess and sent his goodwill to the members of the Swedish House of Lords and Swedish people. Prince Steven highly praised the relationship between the United States and Sweden and also believe the Sino-Swedish relationship will enter into a new era, too. Countess Elizabet has also invited Prince Steven to visit Sweden at his early convenience. This year marks the 15th year anniversary of King Gustav’s visit to China. Sweden, as one of the first western countries that recognized the People’s Republic of China sets an example of the importance of cultural exchange and diplomacy. This tradition serves as a role model for also the Sino-American relations.

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