Potential targets for Knicks and Nets during NBA free agency

A look at three offseason targets each for the Knicks and Nets:

Three Knicks targets

Donte DiVincenzo

A 6-foot-4 guard, heโ€™s a former Villanova star who played alongside Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart in college, and is coming off a season in which he shot a career-best 39.7 percent from 3-point range for the Warriors.

DiVincenzo is known as a strong two-way player, and the Knicks now have access to the full $12.4 million non-taxpayer mid-level exception after Hart opted into the final year of his contract.

Donte DiVincenzo grabs a rebound during the Warriors' Game 6 loss to the Lakers in Western Conference playoffs.
Donte DiVincenzo grabs a rebound during the Warriorsโ€™ Game 6 loss to the Lakers in Western Conference playoffs.
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OG Anunoby

Unlike DiVincenzo, Anunoby isnโ€™t a free agent.

The Knicks would have to strike a deal with the Raptors to land the 6-foot-7, sharpshooting wing.

But Toronto recently drafted a player, Gradey Dick of Kansas (13th overall), at his position and Anunoby is entering the final year of his contract.

Plus, he recently left Klutch Sports for CAA, the agency with close ties to the Knicks and represents a significant portion of their roster.

James Harden/Paul George

The Knicks have now been linked to both All-Stars, and would obviously have to get creative to land either one in a trade.

Harden opted-in to the last year of his deal, which is worth $35.6 million, based on an agreement with the 76ers that he will be moved, ESPN reported.

There have been reports of the Clippers listening to offers on George.

The Knicks have been linked to both aging players, though it is uncertain if the Clippers plan on dealing George.

Los Angeles is said to be very interested in trading for Harden.

Three Nets targets

Cam Johnson

Cam Johnson goes up for a shot during a game against the Hornets last season.
Cam Johnson goes up for a shot during a game against the Hornets last season.

Keeping the restricted free agent forward is not only priority No. 1 for the Nets this offseason, but would keep them from spending elsewhere.

Jordan Hall

So far, the Nets only have given the 21-year-old Hall, a forward, a summer league invite.

But after being a two-way last year with San Antonio, the 6-foot-7 New Jersey native would seem a strong candidate for one of Brooklynโ€™s two-ways.

Pick your minimum

With the Nets likely over the luxury-tax threshold and uncertain to even use their taxpayer mid-level exception, manage expectations to veteran minimums like a Thomas Bryant or minor trades like a Cedi Osman.

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