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Popular Sports Bettor Looks to Repeat Record Numbers

With baseball season on the horizon we must remind many people that wager on sports about the historic runs JDH SPORTS PLAYS (JUST DAILY HANDICAPPING) have been on. They started last Major League Baseball season 35-6 within the first 2 weeks of the season. With a majority of professional bettors hitting at about 52-57%, they hit all time highs with 71% on MLB the full season. Servicing over 2,000+ clients from all over the globe founder and CEO stated “We have developed a community where we are here to help our guys beat the books. We spent countless hours developing our excel models to make this happen. We never bet on teams, we bet on numbers.” Over 8 years ago the founder of Jdh Sports Plays (JUST DAILY HANDICAPPING) realized he possessed a skill not many have. He quit his lucrative 9-5 job to pursue a path not many can succeed in (less than 99%). They began to take sports betting seriously when it was able to make their full income from the 9-5 in less than a week. JDH SPORTS expresses the only way to make this happen is through “patience and bankroll management” The founder also stated “If you are going to beat the sports books you must stay disciplined and never force action. The books love people that just play to feel something. 99% of people just bet with their heart that’s why they lose. We are not saying we do not lose, we have losing days… we just win a ton more than we lose due to our algorithm based excel models.” The company is always striving to be the best and never settle on any given day. Jdh Sports Plays has developed the trust of thousands of people due to their consistency. As the season approaches they will look to continue to post soaring numbers again this year.

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