Nothing too low for Albany Dems’ anti-charter school agenda

There is no low to which Albany Democrats will not stoop.

Having tried to block new charter schools from opening and limiting the number that are available, now some lawmakers are pushing bills that would pull the rug out from under children already in charter schools.

Many charters, such as the aptly named Success Academy, start with elementary offerings and then open middle and high schools as their students age.

The bill would prohibit such expansion. If you open an elementary school, thatโ€™s it. Once the students get too old, nope, back to the failing neighborhood school.

ย How reprehensible.

This is pure spite on the part of the United Federation of Teachers, which isย embarrassed by the fact that charter schools outperform almost every union-run school.

So the union, and its Democratic marionettes, would ruin the future of mostly black and Hispanic children in a twisted act of revenge.

A black sixth-grader who has succeeded at a charter school and is looking forward to continuing in that environment?

Sorry, kid, we need our campaign donations.

Albany lawmakers: Where is your heart? Where is your conscience?

ย Kill this bill, raise the cap and put children first for once.

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