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New York Entrepreneur Daria Dana’s adds Luxury to Locs

The significance black hair holds within its community is widely recognized among the world, serving as a defining and prominent feature. Specific hairstyles carry the weight of heritage, self-expression, bolstered confidence, and even fostered unity. Moreover, these hairstyles often symbolize a cultural legacy passed down across generations and embraced with pride. However, these beautiful strands have faced a history of resistance. For an extended period, Black individuals have had to combat for the right to express their hair freely. Certain styles have been unjustly deemed unprofessional, while others have been subjected to prejudice. This ongoing struggle has led to feelings of insecurity and inequity from work places to classrooms.

Nonetheless, a devoted native New Yorker is dedicated to reshaping perceptions of the genuine beauty of Black hair and its proper appreciation. Daria Dana, entrepreneur and visionary, defines Black hair as luxurious, advocating for it to be adorned with jewels and treated like a crown. The idea behind the jewelry originated with Zigleys and has evolved from a mere concept to a fully integrated lifestyle. With a captivating tagline, this pioneering enterprise aims to provide “Ornaments for Your Regal Crown, Fit for Royalty,” in the form of 18-karat gold embellishments for braids, locks, twists, and other protective hairstyles, as stated by Dana.

Having succeeded as an entrepreneur, Dana is well-versed in discussing the increasing acceptance of Black hair. She emphasizes the shift from considering styles as unprofessional to finally acknowledging their deserved respect, significance and admiration. Dana asserts, “We don’t require hair jewelry to affirm this truth,” while adding, “Nevertheless, I contend that Black hair aligns perfectly with professionalism and luxury.”

She further elaborates, “New York’s distinctive style profoundly influences both hair trends in the Black and hip-hop communities… What sets apart the New York loc community, however, is its significant Caribbean representation, particularly from Jamaican culture. As you may know, locs are deeply rooted in Jamaican culture, making them a common choice for authentic cultural and religious reasons. “Being of Jamaican heritage myself, this element motivates me to maintain my locs and forms a source of pride.”

Dana’s argument is substantiated by Zigleys, which seamlessly fuses professionalism with abundant Black luxury. The flagship collection showcases ten exceptional statement pieces, characterized by timeless elegance. These range from attention-grabbing gold cuffs adorned with embedded diamonds to elegantly minimalist gold cuffs. All items come with a screw attachment mechanism to securely fasten them to braids, locs, or twists. Each cuff is meticulously handcrafted and custom-made from 18-karat solid gold. Diamonds featured in select pieces average around 0.37 carats and are entirely natural. The overall collection is ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable, proudly crafted in New York for the entire nation.

The exquisite pieces are priced up to $5000, underscoring Zigleys’ role as an investment synonymous with opulence and a distinctive sense of class. However, Dana challenges this perception by underscoring the historical significance of hair adornments in African American culture, tracing their origins to ancestral heritage.

Zigleys, beyond being a Black woman-led enterprise, stands as a heartfelt tribute to the unparalleled beauty of African American hair and culture and continues to prove that black hair is beautiful too.

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