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Marco Cervetta – The development and logistical importance in e-commerce

Marco Cervetta is a young Italian who grew up in a small town in the province of Naples.
Always passionate about economics and also about the computer and technology sector, he started his activities when he was still a teenager.

Today cooperate with one of the most popular platforms in Europe that offer solutions and services to companies operating in the e-commerce sector through channels such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc.

Manages on behalf of many distributors in Europe everything related to the production of products and also the import and storage of orders directly from its warehouses in Europe to end customers.
Together with his team he has developed over 1,000 brands over several years, which are popular brands on many platforms and above all have a stable online reputation.

Deals with research and development of products directly in factories in Asia, Quality Control of products and Import and Storage of products in Europe and Complete management of orders and shipments.

A complete 360-degree service for all companies working in the e-commerce sector.

In addition he also manages another business that deals with the development of management software and mobile applications on behalf of many companies working in the economic field.

He is also co-founder of another business that deals with the organic growth on all social networks based on interests, nationality, age and above all the kind of people that the customer chooses according to his needs and collaborates with many record labels for the development and management of marketing and growth on social media and on different music platforms on behalf of different music artists.

One of the youngest Italians and enterprising in developing and creating a job based on the present we live today and creating the opportunity to grow and to go beyond prejudices and superficiality and to consider a potential to meet new people and new interests always bearing in mind that change is always around the corner and always be ready to recognize it.

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