Kate Spade slammed for ‘woke’ Dylan Mulvaney trans endorsement: ‘He’s a man’

Kate Spade New York is under fire for joining forces with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a new promotional video for the brand’s spring collection.

Mulvaney, 26 — who uses she/they pronouns — posted a clip to TikTok on Tuesday that shows her shopping around Spade’s Rockefeller Center store, fawning over a mini white purse and a pink puffy-sleeved dress, completing the look with a necklace and earrings because “more is always more.”

“And honestly, I think I’m gonna wear this out of the store,” Mulvaney said, running out the front door without paying. “So, happy spring!”

The cheerful ad rankled some conservatives, who slammed Kate Spade for hiring a transgender woman to promote traditionally feminine clothing.

Conservatives slam Kate Spade, trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for 'alienating'  women in TikTok ad
Dylan Mulvaney, 26, sported a blue Kate Spade dress at the start of the video.
Tiktok / Dylan Mulvaney

Though Mulvaney has worked with the brand since the fall, music video director turned Republican congressional hopeful Robby Starbuck expressed his dismay with Tuesday’s TikTok, tweeting: “Welp @katespadeny is the latest brand to tell conservative women they don’t want their business by having Dylan Mulvaney promote their products.”

“What are brands like Kate Spade thinking when they hire a man that will alienate half their client pool??” he added.

“As a loyal @katespadeny shopper, I’m extremely disappointed and insulted,” another person wrote on Twitter. “Dylan Mulvaney isn’t a woman — he’s a man with mental health issues playing dress up. Shame on you Kate Spade for giving in to the patriarchy. I’ll no longer support this brand.”

Kate Spade & Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Spark Anti-Woke Controversy for ‘Alienating’ Conservative Women in Spring Style Video
She called Kate Spade a “staple in my wardrobe.”
Tiktok / Dylan Mulvaney

“NO. I refuse to give up things I enjoy as a real woman to a flamboyant, gay man, pretending to be a woman,” a critic commented on the platform.

“No matter how hard he tries, Dylan Mulvaney will never look as beautiful and feminine as a real woman does in Kate Spade.”

“Kate Spade just went WOKE!” another Twitter user wrote. “I loved shopping at Kate Spade for my beautiful girlfriend but they will no longer be seeing any of my business. Alpha Males must STOP their girlfriends and wives from shopping here until they FIRE Dylan Mulvaney!”

Dylan Mulvaney attends the Kate Spade Presentation during New York Fashion Week on  Sept. 9, 2022.
Dylan Mulvaney attends the Kate Spade Presentation during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 9, 2022.
Getty Images

Other social media users defended Mulvaney and the brand, even poking fun at former Kate Spade customers upset over the partnership.

“If you’re mad at Kate Spade and want to get rid of your bags, DM me. I can help. I’ll even pay the postage. In the meantime. Congratulations to Dylan Mulvaney and kudos to Kate Spade,” one wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but the anger you feel at a transgender person like Dylan Mulvaney landing a legitimate & presumably well-paying job at Kate Spade should not be equal to the anger you feel at a transgender person murdering 3 children. They’re not the same thing,” another user wrote, referencing Monday’s school shooting in Nashville.

Neither Mulvaney nor Kate Spade representatives have publicly addressed the criticism. The Post contacted both for comment.

Conservatives slam Kate Spade, trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for 'alienating'  women in TikTok ad
Mulvaney has publicly supported Kate Spade since September.
Tiktok / Dylan Mulvaney

Mulvaney became popular on TikTok for sharing her gender transition journey in a series called “Days of Girlhood” in March 2022. She has 10.8 million followers on the platform.

Vice President Kamala Harris faced backlash last week for writing the Biden-favorite Mulvaney a heartfelt letter, congratulating her on a year of “living authentically.”

Mulvaney also made waves during a March 13 appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” where the two talked about online bullying. During the interview, Barrymore kneeled and held Mulvaney’s hands in admiration.

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