Joe Biden’s snub of Mayor Eric Adams: Letters

The Issue: President Biden’s failure to meet with Mayor Adams to discuss the migrant crisis in New York.

As the rapid devolution of New York City continues, propelled by the ever-burgeoning migrant crisis, President Biden inexcusably snubbed Mayor Adams and the residents of New York by brushing aside this monstrosity of a problem while in the city for the United Nations summit (“Lost your way, Joe? Sept. 20).

The crisis that Biden has created doesn’t even warrant an afterthought in his mind.

The president can now add to his list of “accomplishments” the fact that he was instrumental in transforming New York City from the most alluring global city to a Big Apple that is hastily rotting to its core.

Denis David

East Rockaway

“Come on, man”: Biden can only do so much in between vacations and naps.

He didn’t visit East Palestine, Ohio, after the train wreck, Maui after the wildfires or even the major 9/11 anniversary ceremonies.

Arthur French

East Hampton

Questions for Adams: Maybe you’ll wake up now, Mr. Mayor?

Will you admit that the “madman” wrecking our city is not a Republican in Texas but your fellow Democrat in the White House — Biden, who dissed you in Washington and now snubs you on your home turf?

Are you going to take that lying down, or are you going to show some guts by sending busloads of “migrants” to Wilmington, Del., and DC?

Are you going to call out Biden by name and demand he close the border, or just keep begging for more money?

I might ask the same of New York’s other elected representatives, but what would be the point?

Sen. Chuck Schumer is good for nothing but photo ops, Gov. Hochul is a joke, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand defines the word “nonentity,” and the City Council’s clown brigade has gone back to attacking Christopher Columbus.

Bill Marsano


As we all know and see every day in this once-great city, migrants are flooding the streets of Manhattan and the outer boroughs — and Democratic Mayor Adams gets not a look from Biden?

How would a regular, working New Yorker fair?

What confidence should we all feel living in the shadow of Biden’s failing policies?

I don’t have any answers.

Maybe we can make all of this change together?

T. Bove

Staten Island

Bumbling Joe gave a Bronx cheer to Mayor Adams and New York City regarding the migrant crisis.

Even as a New Yorker, it’s hard to work up sympathy for Adams’ plight about the billions of dollars of debt New York City is incurring due to the migrant crisis.

After all, as a sanctuary city, he welcomed them.

This is typical of Democratic leadership.

They want to be so-called “humanitarians” but never consider the consequences of allowing everyone in.

They lack any regard for actual Americans who are citizens — or those who came through legal means.

Honestly, what did they expect by allowing everyone to walk across the border?

Betsy Flor

Putnam Valley

As The Post states in the article, it is unclear if Mayor Adams asked for a meeting with Biden.

Well, you certainly would hope he did!

Until these feckless Democrats call out Biden and demand he close the border, the problem will continue.

I know people want to be loyal to their political party, but what about loyalty to the country?

Sallyanne Ferrero

Naples, Fla.

President Biden’s recent visit to New York City was reminiscent of President Gerald Ford’s cavalier attitude toward it when it was in need of federal assistance.

The headline at that time said, “Ford to city: Drop dead.”

After failing to meet with either Adams or Hochul, ignoring the hundreds of migrants just a few blocks away was definitely a slap in the face to all New Yorkers.

It’s time to bring back the Ford headline — with Biden’s name on it.

Mike Reynolds

Oro Valley, Ariz.

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