Jenna Jameson’s female fans thank her for saving sex lives

Jenna Jameson’s favorite fan encounters are with women who thank her for making their time in the bedroom more fun.

“It’s just really cool when they’re like, ‘Listen Jenna, you changed everything for me. I have a better sex life with my man,’” she told The Post.

“Which is really cool. I’m a giver; I love that.”

The blonde beauty recalled a memorable moment in the Big Apple with a group of middle-aged ladies who stopped her for a photo.

“And I take the picture. And as I go look over to all these ladies that are 50, they’re flashing their boobs,” she said, laughing. “I had no idea. I was just posing.”

Jameson, 49, the world’s most famous porn star, is featured in the documentary “Secrets of Penthouse,” which premieres on A&E on Sept. 4.

Jenna Jameson
By the time she was 19, Jenna Jameson was featured in Penthouse, and at 20, she was already making six figures a day.

The now-retired adult actress, who worked for Penthouse for 12 years, was fascinated with the men’s magazine from an early age.

“When I was young, probably 16, I used to sneak into my dad’s closet and he had all kinds of magazines, and my favorites were Penthouse,” she said.

“I loved the way Bob Guccione [Penthouse’s founder] portrayed women powerful and embodying sex, and I just really loved that.”

Jenna Jameson
The Las Vegas native said she her favorite fan encounters involve meeting everyday women.

Playboy, she explained, “was just not even an option” for her since she had already worked as a stripper, nude glamour model and adult actress.

“Back in the day, Playboy would never touch a girl that had stripped or done any kind of adult film,” she said. “So I just kind of decided, ‘Ok, they’re not going to touch me, I’m going to become the biggest porn star on the planet.’”

By the time she was 19, her first shot was featured in Penthouse in 1994, and at 20 she was making six figures — daily.

“Oh, I mean, I would pull down 100 grand a day,” she said. “Money hand over fist … It was insane … I was renting Rolls-Royces. Everything that you would think being the most famous porn star would mean.”

Jenna Jameson
Jameson’s real last name is Massoli, and her paternal grandfather was born in Genoa, Italy.

She was also famous for being the pickiest woman in porn.

“I had a list of about four to five guys I would be willing to work with,” she said. “I never liked to work with men that would make passes at me. To me, this was acting. It was business. I don’t want to date you. I don’t want to go and have a drink afterwards.”

The Las Vegas native frequently visited Guccione’s Upper East Side mansion — a 27-room townhouse on East 67th Street valued at $49 million, with a Picasso in the bathroom. 

“It was just an assault on the senses . . . I remember … standing in front of the window overlooking the city and just stargazing.”

Jenna Jameson and Jessi Lawless
Jameson married social media influencer Jessi Lawless in May.
Getty Images

Jameson, whose real last name is Massoli, said most people don’t realize she’s of Italian ancestry. “They don’t think that Italians can be blonde.”

Her paternal grandfather hailed from Genoa, Italy, and she wants to visit there with her wife, social media influencer Jessi Lawless, who she married in May after hitting on her via Instagram.

“I’m such a stalker. . . . I had been watching her on TikTok,” Jameson explained. “I guess I was commenting a lot, because then she was like, ‘Who is this girl?’ And then she went over to my Instagram and she was like, ‘Holy s–t, this is Jenna Jameson.’”

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