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Introducing The Arab Entrepreneurs Board, the first platform of its kind in the Middle East

The Arab Entrepreneurs Board is an innovative membership-based platform for Arab entrepreneurs and creative minds that aims at simulating and fulfilling their aspirations, through providing an integrated set of unique services and smart solutions that opens up horizons for innovation and creativity to its members and help them develop, grow and expand their business to reach globalisation.

The Board established a community of the Arab’s most passionate and driven entrepreneurs and provides its members with the capability to make meaningful connections, create mutually beneficial business partnerships, share expertise, and leverage their networks to grow impactful businesses. Through the platform, the members have unprecedented access to concierge-level service, business resources, and media exposure.

Headquartered in London, the board is dedicated to fostering the growth of entrepreneurship in the Arab world with both domestic and foreign members. The founders’ goal is to bring the wide range of personal experiences and resources together to support entrepreneurship in the Arab world, as well as providing exposure to businesses that are foreign to the region, in order for them to understand the region’s markets, trends, partnerships, and further their network in the Arab world.

The Board is open to entrepreneurs of all industries, and businesses of all sizes. It offers a valuable networking opportunity for entrepreneurs operating in similar fields through its all-in-one engagement platform. The board offers different types of memberships with services customised to the needs of its members ranging from startups and small business, to established pioneers and trends setting icons in the markets. To engage in a trustworthy environment, the members have the opportunity to connect directly with one another and exchange information and experiences without intermediaries.

Through the Board, the members can gain education, mentorship, and practical advice for what matters most to their businesses to succeed, such as funding, increasing market share, banking solution, trademarks, innovation, managing change and sustaining relevance in the market. This expertise sits at the core of strategy development, hence achieving exceptional business execution.

The Arab Entrepreneurs Board also launched the ‘London Business Program’, the first program of its kind in the Middle East & North Africa for Arab businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and any professionals looking for golden opportunities. This is an unprecedented opportunity for those interested in having a broad vision of entrepreneurial culture in London. The program provides the attendees with the opportunity to meet executives and C-suits and get acquainted closely with the business strategy of large British companies and startups.  With London being the MENA region’s favourite business hub in the west, exposure to the British way of business, management, and challenge solution can enrich the attendees experience and widen their horizons.

Arab Entrepreneurs Board is the first platform of its kind in the Middle east and North Africa in providing distinguished services and smart solutions to Arab entrepreneurs from the ocean to the Gulf, extending their outreach, opening new doors, and identifying new opportunities for them in a world that is not governed by borders.

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