‘Instagram famous’ Morgan Osman tells her side of viral video

Self-proclaimed “Instagram famous” model Morgan Osman denies she was getting booted from an American Airlines flight in her now-viral video moment — insisting she left to avoid knocking her annoying seatmate “the f–k out.’”

The “Bad Girls Club” alumna told TMZ on Wednesday that while she didn’t mind being called the latest “crazy plane lady,” the backlash to her video was “unfair” because it didn’t show she’d been “provoked” before storming off the jet.

“I was just living my life,” Osman maintained of the moments on the plane before another passenger accused her of being in her seat.

“It was the lady next to me. She came in so hot,” Osman said of the woman who kept telling her to “get up.”

“She had neon-blue hair — she was very special.”

Osman, 35, said she warned her irate seatmate: “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to but it won’t be me.”

Osman made headlines when she was caught on camera ranting in the aisle of her flight while removing her suitcase from an overhead bin.
Morgan Osman, who proclaimed herself to be “Instagram famous” in a now-viral video, said she was not booted from an American Airlines flight but left on her own.

“And she sat down next to me and she got on FaceTime, and she’s making fun of me on FaceTime,” the influencer claimed.

Osman, 35, claimed she was "provoked" by another passenger who accused her of being in her seat.
Osman, 35, claimed she was “provoked” by another passenger who accused her of being in her seat.

“And I said [to myself], ‘Morgan, this is not the flight for you. You already missed one flight. Just get off the flight because I’m gonna knock her the f–k out.’”

It was only when she “decided to remove myself” and “wave down the stewardess” that “people then whipped out their cameras.”

Those now-viral videos show Osman, clad in a curve-hugging gray bodysuit, bickering with other passengers and telling one of them: “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f–king bum.”

She notices another passenger recording the meltdown and responds with her now-famous catchphrase, "Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f–king bum.”
Osman said she decided to leave of her own accord, and that is when people got their cameras out and started recording her.

“I still think they’re a bunch of f–king bums,” she told TMZ.

Calling herself “the sweetest girl,” Osman said she had no regrets over the “10-second sensational clip.”

“I don’t feel bad about any of it,” she declared. “I’ll be the crazy plane lady. I don’t care.”

Still, she was at pains to stress: “I didn’t get kicked out of American Airlines! No.”

“I’ve never liked American Airlines but it wasn’t their fault,” she said of her viral infamy.

Morgan Osman
The model said she does not regret the way she handled the situation and embraced her being “the crazy plane lady.”

To land the deal, Osman was given the option to don a salacious bikini, lingerie, or nothing.
Osman has been offered to perform on a porn streaming site for $25,000.

Osman appeared on Season 5 of "Bad Girls Club."
Osman appeared on Season 5 of “Bad Girls Club.”

Osman, who appeared on Season 5 of “Bad Girls Club,” earlier this week got an offer to perform on the porn streaming site CamSoda for up $25,000, TMZ previously reported.

She was reportedly given a choice to wear a bikini, lingerie or her birthday suit.

It was not immediately clear if Osman plans to accept the deal.

Meanwhile, Osman said her Instagram account her been deactivated for violating community guidelines– although she told TMZ she was not sure what she had done wrong.

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