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“I Never Fit In”: Charles Sam Opens Up About Rejection, Bitterness, and Disappointments in Upcoming Book titled, Bittered and Buttered

In an exclusive chat with New York today in bustling New York, Ghana’s prolific author Charles A. Sam spills the beans on his upcoming book, “Bittered and Buttered.” This much-awaited piece isn’t just a story; it’s a journey through life’s tough moments rejections, bitterness, and disappointments.

In a world where rejection feels like a punch, Charles dives into his own experiences, talking about the sting of feeling disliked, disrespected, and unwanted. “Bittered and Buttered” goes beyond rejection, giving readers a look at turning bitterness into strength and disappointment into personal growth.

Growing up in bitterness from rejections and disappointments, Charles becomes a friend in every chapter, opening up about the top rejections and disappointments he faced in his younger years. “You’re not alone,” he assures, stressing that rejections and disappointments are part of everyone’s life.

“Bittered and Buttered” explores emotions tied to feeling disrespected and unwanted.

The book uncovers Charles’s deep-seated sense of aloneness, a consistent companion throughout his life. While sharing stories that echo with those who feel alone, he fearlessly unveils the raw truth of never experiencing inclusion, a powerful narrative that adds vulnerability to the overall message. The book goes beyond being a guide for navigating rejection; it becomes a heartfelt exploration of the profound loneliness many encounter in their journey of resilience and self-discovery, offering solace and understanding to those who have walked similar paths.

Charles offers insights on navigating rejection without letting it turn into bitterness, inviting readers to join him on this journey where the pain isn’t just acknowledged but overcome through resilience.

Motivated by his own experiences, Charles spent three years writing this book, driven by a passion to change how we see rejections. As a Ghanaian now in the United States, studying pre-law with a minor in computer science at the University of Charleston, Charles brings a unique view to his storytelling. With 19 books published in just three years, he’s gained a big following on social media, sharing stories of resilience, especially in the face of embassy rejections.

Get ready for “Bittered and Buttered,” coming out on March 4th, 2024, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu Press. Whether you like e-books, paperbacks, or audio,this journey is for you.

Sam’s story is more than just overcoming rejection; it’s a light for those going through tough times. Prepare to connect and find inspiration for your own journey.

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