Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal vows to reveal ‘toxic’ truth of Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal is baring all — but not in the same way she has in the past.

Hefner’s past paramour is set to tell all about the “toxic objectification and misogyny” she endured while living in the famed Playboy Mansion.

Crystal Hefner, 37, admitted in the past that she lied about her true feelings regarding the Playboy Mansion in order to protect her late husband — but she is now determined to reveal the truth.

The Playboy model plans to do so in her new memoir, “Only Say Good Things,” set to be released in January 2024.

Crystal was plucked from obscurity by Hefner in the mid-2000s when she was 21 and, despite a 60-year age gap, they went on to marry on New Year’s Eve in 2012; they remained married until his death in 2017 at age 91.

Crystal vowed to talk about her “stolen” young adulthood, plus the reality of being the infamous playboy’s “number one girlfriend.”

“Since his passing, I have had to do a lot of self-discovery,” Crystal revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail. “I have had to find out who I am without it being dictated to me.

“I have had to not only find my voice, but I also had to learn how to use that voice,” she continued. “My book is a testament to the power of time, processing all that I have been through and embracing my truth.”

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris attend Hugh Hefner's 83rd birthday in 2009.
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris attend Hugh Hefner’s 83rd birthday in 2009.

Crystal and Hugh Hefner in red robes.
Crystal was married to Hefner when he died in 2017.
Getty Images for Playboy

Playboy cover with Crystal Hefner.
The Playboy model is planning to release a memoir in January 2024.

The former model, who quickly rose through the hierarchal Playboy Mansion ranks, said her late husband “surprised her” when he proposed, and she “could not imagine refusing” his offer for her hand in marriage.

“My relationship and marriage to Hugh Hefner was a very complicated one,” she admitted. “It was one where, no matter how I was treated, I always felt like I had to protect him, which is why I have not shared my story until now.”

Crysta has taken a “transformative journey” in which she is more comfortable in her own skin, with just simple hair and makeup — a far cry from her glammed-up Playboy days.

The model also slammed the plastic surgery industry after claiming she was poisoned by her breast implants, which she had removed in 2016.

⁣”I advocate for being natural since I got very ill and removed my implants and everything else toxic in my body in 2016,” she wrote in an Instagram post in 2021. “I should have learned my lesson the first time but I guess the universe keeps sending you the same lesson until you learn it.”

Crystal is not the first of the infamous Playboy founder’s former partners to speak out about the realities of life in the Holmby Hills, California, mansion.

Another former girlfriend of Hefner’s, Holly Madison, claimed in a 2022 10-part A&E docuseries “Secrets of Playboy” that he was in possession of “all kinds of naked pictures’” of women, alleging he kept them as blackmail.

The Playboy Mansion in 2015.
She’s not the first woman to shed some light on the secrets of the infamous Playboy Mansion.

Former Playmate Holly Madison wearing black.
Playmate Holly Madison.
Getty Images

Madison, who dated Hefner from 2001 to 2008, claimed she only remained with Hefner at the Playboy Mansion because she was frightened that he would publish the photos.

“His friends were always so supportive and speaking so highly of him,” the former model said in the documentary, adding that no one from outside the Mansion knew the “real” Hefner.

“When I lived at the mansion, I was afraid to leave,” she admitted.

“Something that was always lingering in the back of my mind, I think since the very beginning, was that if I left there was just this mountain of revenge porn just waiting to come out.”

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